Jan. 15th, 2009

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Schuldig sighed as he sat down on the fire escape, his legs dangling over the side as he leaned against the railing. It wasn't coincidence that his room was the one with access to the fire escape. He was pretty sure Brad had planned that one so he could come and go as he pleased at all hours without waking anyone. Or maybe simply to keep him from bitching that he didn't have the room with the fire escape.

He shook out a cigarette, catching it between his lips and pulling it the rest of the way out before setting the pack down beside him. With a flick of his lighter and the hiss of burning paper, he inhaled deeply, savoring the first rush of nicotine for the day.

Sharp blue eyes scanned over the city, while fidgeting limbs swung back and forth. It had been a hectic 24 hours, though granted it was entirely his own doing. Well.. almost entirely. Brad was the one who'd sent him to the Koneko in the first place. But kidnapping the blond, bringing him home and to some extent Brad's horrifying vision...

He shook his head, exhaling a puff of smoke.

At least he'd gotten laid. By Brad. A wicked smile curled on his lips as he remembered that. He'd finally gotten his claws into the unmovable Brad Crawford, and he didn't plan on letting go any time soon.

He sat for a long while, smoking and thinking. When his first cigarette was gone, he shook out another and started the process over.


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