May. 5th, 2009

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It was late by the time Schuldig, Nagi and Farfarello returned. It had taken forever to find the right kind of cords that Nagi needed. Schuldig didn't get it. A cord was a cord, wasn't it? Oh well, leave the nerd stuff to the nerds. That's why he didn't bother with computers unless it was for porn. He was good at finding porn on the computer. It was really the only reason he had a laptop. Porn and video games.

"I'm going to check on the gimp." Schuldig chuckled as they walked inside, bouquet in hand. He had to admit, the Weiss boys did good work. The flowers weren't even wilted yet. Not bad considering it had been several hours since he'd purchased them.

"Brad..." He called as he knocked on the man's bedroom door. When he didn't get a response he opened the door, expecting to find Brad sleeping. Instead, the sheets were rumpled and the bed was empty. Alarms started going off in his head, and the blood spots on the floor near his feet only made them louder.

A deep frown crossed his lips as he followed the blood to the bathroom, and only pure willpower kept him from crying out when he found the man sprawled on the floor, dried blood on his face and in small pools on the floor, and one of Farfarello's tranquillizer needles empty and still stuck in his neck.

What might have caused this was the last thing on his mind. Right now, he had to make sure Brad was still alive. He closed the bathroom door quickly, though he doubted it would be long before Nagi and Farfarello noticed the blood trail and found them.

//Farf, keep Nagi away from the bathroom. Something happened to Brad.//

He knelt down beside the man, removing the syringe and checking for a pulse.


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