Jul. 22nd, 2009

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[NOTE: This is post-Thurs. 1.21, though that thread is still open]

Ran left the meeting without looking at anyone, specifically Yohji.

He made it to the stairs leading up to their apartments before he stopped dead in his tracks.

Was this the right thing to do?

It had been the right thing since the beginning.

Nevertheless, he stared blankly at the glow of light coming from the upstairs hallway.

She's seen things she never should have had to. Shwarz got to her again, because of this choice. All this has been is selfishness.

His breath was coming out shallowly. It felt like he was losing her.

Forever. Because if he could help it -

After this is over. This will be over.

He couldn't convince himself entirely that Schwarz would ever be gone, though. Did that mean that his sister would never be safe, unless...?

He put a hand on the railing.

The right choice.

Did this make him Aya again?

No. He would kill with his own name, and wipe clean the entire slate.

"I should have done this in the beginning," he murmured aloud.

The sound of his own voice convinced him to start upstairs.

It felt like he was dragging his katana slowly across his chest, from the inside. He stopped outside his sister's door and placed a hand flat on the wood. His eartails hung in front of his vision, his head bowed.

Ran took a deep, shaky breath, then drew his hand away to his side. He looked up and squared his shoulders.

"Aya-chan?" He called, softly.


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