Oct. 10th, 2009

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Manx had led the way upstairs, quietly observing the banter in the kitchen before making herself known with a clearing of her throat. She looked between Ran and Aya and smiled softly.
"It's just about time."
She held out an arm, motioning for Aya to join her. She could clearly see the emotion welling up on Aya's face and her brave attempt to rein it in. Ran was simply a coiled ball of nerves - he looked ready to snap. He was never one to give his emotions the outlet they so desperately needed and Manx didn't expect that to change - even now.
Manx headed out onto the street, Aya's bag in her hand. Ran and Aya followed her a few moments later, Yohji and Ken tagging along after them. Manx stepped out to the curb as a non-descript black sedan rounded the corner, pulling up beside her. She leaned into the window to exchange pleasantries and a few hushed instructions in English. The driver exited the car to stand beside Manx.
She was a tall dark skinned woman, easily Yohji's height or a touch taller and built like a linebacker. Long blond micro dreadlocks swayed with her every movement while her piercingly ice blue eyes caught each of theirs with practiced casual assessment. It wasn't immediately clear but she sported a continuous pattern of fine tattoos along both of her bare arms which were only just visible against her dark skin.
Manx held her hand out to Aya.
"Aya, this is Thea. She is a very good friend. She will be accompanying you on your journey." Manx's eyes fell on Ran. "She holds my highest confidence. Aya couldn't be in better hands."
Thea stepped forward, catching Yohji's gaze, squaring her shoulders just a bit and offering the blond a quick little smirk as she looked between him and Ran. She offered Ran a small curt bow.
"She is your sister?" She offered the question in broken Japanese, the words difficult to understand through her thick Jamaican accent. Her eyes caught his, pausing a second as she was momentarily taken off guard by the color of his eyes. She barely glanced to Manx from the corner of her eyes, never truly making eye contact with the redhead. Manx chuckled softly to herself, seemingly unprovoked. "I will treat her as if she is my own blood."


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