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Jul. 31st, 2009 04:26 pm
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Omi headed strait for the mission room. Sitting in the chair he opened his laptop again while pulling his feet up onto the couch. //She's going to be safer if she's not here.// Omi thought. He had really been enjoying having Aya-chan around. It had been a good change. He couldn't help but wonder though, if she had never found out about weiss, if she would be staying. Omi sighed for what he thought must have been the hundredth time that morning. He wished he could have given Aya-chan a proper goodbye instead of the pitiful excuse for one he had just given her.

But Omi couldn't think of anything he could give her, or say to her. When he thought about it, it just boiled down to the fact that he hated saying goodbye. When he didn't know if he would ever see her again. //At least she's not dead.// Omi couldn't help but think of Ouka, and then Midori-chan. Omi had cut ties with her without even saying goodbye. He could still remember her lying in the hospital bed.

Omi shook his head franticly. He couldn't think about this, he didn't have the time to! picking up his laptop he started typing pulling up as many school sites as he could starting with the one's in the general area of where Yohji had shown him.

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