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Yohji steadily trailed Ken, trying to keep himself in mission mode and ignoring everything else. He only paused when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, and checked to find a text from Ran.


He felt mildly warmed at the realization that Ran had noticed he called even though he hadn’t left a message. And more so that he was apparently worried. Although rationally, that could only be because he had called while on a mission. Ran was supposed to be worried.

He overcame the temptation to reply back with, “Situation normal, all fucked up.” Ran probably wouldn’t appreciate his sense of humor. No reason to needlessly panic his teammates.

Instead he responded with "Fine."

He left the message on the screen, hesitating over whether or not to add ‘We need to have another talk about Ken.’

In the end he aborted that idea. Again, it would just make Ran worry when nothing could be done yet. What’s more Ken seemed to be rather paranoid that they were talking about him behind his back. Which of course wasn’t unfounded, but no reason to fuel his teammate’s mistrust by leaving traceable evidence that they actually were.

He hated himself even more for thinking about his friend/teammate in such a tactical mindset. He was only fueling the problem…. But what else could he do?

He continued to pause, wanting to add some sort of more personal sign-off. He couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t gushy. Or didn’t use words that he hadn’t actually expressed to Ran verbally yet. At a loss for anything that felt appropriate, he reluctantly hit ‘send’ feeling slightly empty as he did so.

He was anxious for this mission to be over. He wanted to get back to the Koneko. He was even anxious just to meet Prodigy. Speaking to a member of Schwarz actually felt like it might be a relief in comparison to interacting with his own teammate.

How fucked up was that?

“Well….I guess we should start by going into the office and finding out if he’s actually enrolled here? Or do you think we should just hang around outside and hope to intercept him as he leaves?”

Prodigy was just one kid in a crowd of hundreds. There were so many ways this could turn into a dead end.

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Nagi wandered through the school, not quite feeling at ease. It brought back too many unpleasant memories, even though these corridors weren't quite so dark and these classes weren't quite so depressing, Nagi would forever associate institutionalized learning with terror, fear and the driving need to control himself.

Which was what he was doing now. He had his powers wrapped tightly around himself, so that even the occasional student brushing by him never quite touched him. It was one of the first things he'd started doing once he got a more sophisticated control over his powers... Create a little barrier between himself and the rest of the world.

He watched as around him, students laughed, yelled and stressed out, girls hugged each other and a boy and a girl kissed where they thought no one would notice them. They all looked so... Normal yet absurd.

He wondered how Kudou and Hideka were going to find him here. It was like a maze. Maybe he should go back outside... They would probably stand a better chance of finding him there. On the other hand, if he wasn't outside, they'd probably look for him inside. But what were they going to do? Peer into every classroom?

The choice was made for him when a bell sounded and as one, all the doors around him burst open to admit waves and waves of students, all in a hurry to go into the same direction; Out.

Nagi let himself be dragged along by them, not really having a choice since he didn't want to stand out. Most students were taller than he was and he knew all too well that provoking the wrong person had the potential to get into a LOT of trouble, either with the other students or with the directors. These kids might not be talents, but if he let his own talent slip, he'd have a much bigger problem on his hands than he could manage right now.

Not much later, the stream rolled into the school garden and dispersed a little, although the man goal seemed to be the gate. Not wanting to end up outside the school lest he wouldn't be able to find the weiss, Nagi wrestled himself out of the crowd and went to lean against a wall somewhere a little out of the way, waiting.
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Nagi saw the two Weiss before they spotted him as the gate was the first thing he scanned. He deliberately looked away before they saw him looking, not willing to let them know he'd seen them. The two men might not have talents but they had something that was much more dangerous than talents; information.

Nagi was the strongest telekinetic in existence, he had shields that were near impossible to penetrate, courtesy of lessons by both Schuldig and Crawford and he was extremely intelligent. No, talents couldn't do much to hurt him. One Yohji Kudou could do the trick though.

He took a deep breath and collected himself. He knew the blond might bring up Tot. He had spend a good part of the morning mentally preparing for this and he was as ready as he was going to be. He was a professional and he would prove that.

Silently, he waited for the two men to approach him.
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Nagi looked up, startled despite himself. He hadn't expected Kudou to be so... Nice. Or so forward for the matter. Like he couldn't crush the guy with a mere thought. Idiot. Or maybe he did realize it and was just hoping really hard that wouldn't happen? But that would make this a suicide mission of sorts. He really hadn't pegged Kudou for the type. Then again, after Schuldig had gotten his hands on people, they tended to regard suicide as a viable option.

He had a mission though, and that mission did not involve him killing either of the Weiss members.

“Lively school you’ve got here, seems nice,".

Really, Kudou? Really?

"Good afternoon," he said, levelly. "What are you doing here?"
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(OOC: I have lots of excuses for being so late, none of which are completely viable. Let's just say I'm sorry and I'll be better next time?)

Nagi looked from one Weiss to another, honestly puzzled. How'd they survive this long if they were this unorganized, unplanned and just plain foolish? He and his teammates had let them live, but he was sure others had not.

Oh well, he'd have to run with it. Orders were orders.

Kudou's implication that Tot might be hurt stabbed home, and he glared at the man, but was destracted by Hideka's words. He raised an eyebrow.

''I do not see why you think we couldn't handle ourselves. I would think it would be yourseelf you were worried about...''

(OOC: urgh, bad, baaad writing, but it 's the best you're going to get out of me at the moment...)

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Nagi actually had to work to suppress the urge to stare at the two Weiss, as well as the clueless expression trying to show on his face. He didn't normally take to curse words, but to borrow some of Schuldig; What the flying fuck were those two idiots trying to achieve?

Getting smashed into a brick wall?

Right now, that seemed to be the only viable reason for their behaviour. It sure caught him off guard, but seeing as his usual reflex to 'caught of guard' was 'smash cause into nearest wall', that really wasn't such a good strategy. Kudou should know this. Even Hideka should know this.

Either that or they were simply suffering from accute retardation. It was a possibility...

He was so tempted to just give them the info and leave, but Crawford had instructed him not to make it easy. One more hint at Tot though, and Kudou was going to find himself smashed to little bits. Hideka too, just for good form.

Not having a clue what else to say, he went for the direct approach. It had aided him well enough in the past.

"What do you want?"
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Nagi was in the process of not rolling his eyes at Kudou when finally, finally, one of them started talking sense. It was rather unexpected that it were to be Siberian, but Nagi was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Nagi was busy formulating his reply, finally able to savely devulge some of the knowledge he had to give them, when the man made another unexpected move and turned to walk away.

He was walking away! The idiot had finally reached his goal - he didn't know that yet, granted - and than he walked away! Nonetheless, Nagi decided to reward him for making sense for a change.

Nagi decided to reply to Kudou first; keep the man occupied and Siberian might stay as well. crawford must've seen this mission work out to satisfaction - both his bodylanguage and the assignment itself reeked of it - so he could take a small risk. If they decided to run off, Nagi could always throw them some crumbs to keep them there,

''Where did you get the idea that I'd abandon my team-'' my family ''- to help you?'' He was curious. He'd always seen Weiss as a relatively close team, a lot like Schwarz in many ways. The idea that they could so easilly assume he would act out against his teammates in any way. Nonetheless, he needed to seem at least somewhat willing.

''Also, it might've escaped your attention, but Oracle is a pre-cognitian. There is no way I could destroy the disk for you if I wanted to. He would move, hide or protect it before I'd even come up with the plan.''

He made a display of thinking a bit, looking away and staying quiet for a moment. Finally, slowly he said; ''There is the one thing though...
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To his satisfaction, Nagi saw Siberian stop right within earshot. Kudou hadn't even responded to his teammate's direction to walk away. It spoke volumes about their teamwork. The whole conversation did. It was something to discuss with Crawford.

"What?" Yohji asked, and had Nagi been anyone else, he would have smiled at how predictable Kudou was.

He made a big show of looking slightly insecure. Wouldn't do to seem to eager. "Oracle... He had a vision ealier today," well that was truth, at least, "He mumbled something about the disc..."

He might nog have been the best actor in the world, but with Weiss in the state it was, desperate for a lead and not in sinque with each other, it was most probably enough. Now it was up to them to ask him for the rest. He didn't doubt that they would. Or Kudou would. at least.
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Nagi allowed Siberian to come nearer once more, but he held his powers at a ready. The man seemed... Odd. Unpredictable and not at all like the man he'd observed in battle. He tensed the slightest bit.


Why wasn't the stupid man asking questions? He wanted the info right? On the other hand, Nagi wanted to get away as soon as possible, back home and to his computers. Why was he stuck doing this anyway? Both Crawford and Schuldig had had the appropriate training for this kind of thing while in Rosenkreuz, but not him. Noone had deemed him even remotely social enough to do qualify for this field. And they were right. He gave an internal sigh before focusing back on the men in front of him.

Did they realize that anyone else, in any other situation, would have been dead by now. Probably not. Idiots.

What information to give... Hmmm...

"I'm pretty sure it was about a disk being used, but I don't understand... The disk is in our possession. It's all very odd." He frowned, more at the nonsense he was spawning than the real thing, but a real frown nonetheless.
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Within the blink of an eye, Nagi had Siberian smashed against the wall of the solid building at about tree meters off the ground. Siberian would have bruises all along his back and the back of his arms and legs. Possibly a concussion.

He gave the man a very, very cold look before turning back to Kudou. Behind the man he could see the empty school grounds, which was lucky, but Nagi really didn't care who saw right now. Siberians words echoed in his mind. Mocking and condescending and arrogant.

"Aren’t you all about destruction, chaos and anarchy?" "Or are you back to your status as lapdogs?" "Lapdogs" "Lapdogs..."

He fixed Kudou with a glare as well before turning and walking away, stance and body seeming as cold as ever. Siberian would fall down soon enough... As soon as Nagi was out of range anyway. Which would probably be a couple of subway stops. If Siberian broke a few bones falling from that height, that wasn't Nagi's problem.

Nagi was done with it. Done with the constant one-eighties in attitude, with the constant implying and pushing at issues he did not want to talk about, with their implications of his disloyalty to his team and with the insults. He was done with acting defenseless and keeping himself from killing the two morons because Crawford said they had to live. If Crawford wanted them to know about the theater, he could come down here and tell them himself. He had the eduction for it, not Nagi. Kudou, he could deal with. Bombay too. They were predictable and had brains. Siberian seemed to be more of a nut-job than everyone claimed Farf to be.
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Nagi slowly turned around one last time. It was only the promise to himself that it would be one last time that had him turning at all. He stared at Kudou, a look both perpetrating and devoid of his emotion, yet very intense.

When Siberian started screaming at him, Nagi bounced him off the wall and smashed him back at it a couple of times to shut him up.

He chose his words with utter care, his stare at Kudou still not relenting.

"According to Oracle's vision, the disk will be used tonight in a movie theater by the name of Tokyu. Shibuya Station - the movie starts at 8:30pm the attack will be at 8:47pm. Be there, deal with it is. It is your mess, you will clean it up."

With that, he turned around and walked away once more.
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Nagi pushed his hands into his pockets and suddenly came on four little plastic bags. The earplugs. He'd forgotten all about them.

For a moment, the temptation was very real not to give them to the idiots at all, but Crawford had said to give them to Weiss, and Crawford was always right. If only Siberian would shut up already...

Suddenly, the earplugs in their plastic bags shot out of his pocket and right at Siberian. The man had just finished telling him to let him down - as if - when the four bags stuffed themselves right into his open mouth.

Nagi hadn't stopped walking away, let be looked back. It was only a moment longer until he rounded a corner and was gone, leaving Siberian high up the wall for another 10 minutes.
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(OOC: I was planning to leave him up there just a little longer (Nagi is protesting his range is wider than that :P) but this is cool too!)

Nagi stepped into the subway made himself comfortable in his seat. For a moment he debated keeping Siberian up there all the way home and after that, but finally he shrugged and let the man drop. It was a wasteful use of his powers and energy and he really wasn't worth it.

He smirked for a second before taking out his phone to check on his email.

[Nagi off to Friday 1.16]
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