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Nagi made his way home without trouble. No one bothered with a scowling teen staring at his far too complicated cell phone. Not only were they a common sight, but Nagi didn't exactly look like he was open to conversation.

His talent opened the door for him and he walked through, slamming the thing shut behind him.
The whole assignment didn't sit well with him. As a matter of fact, nothing that had happened the past few days sat very well with him. He had a lot to think about and between assignments that he wasn't cut out for and a wild goose chase for information Crawford could use, he didn't exactly have a lot of time to do so.

Nagi didn't bother to look if any of his teammates were home, assuming that if they were interested, the slamming of the door would have alerted them enough. He let his power unravel a little. It was almost painful, so tight a leash he'd kept on it. Like you'd kept a muscle tensed for hours on end and were only now slowly relaxing it. But it was a good pain, a relief.

Around him a few loose object took to the air, not really doing anything, just floating. One of Farf's knifes just laying around, a small statue that had possibly already been in the house when Schwarz had occupied it, an unopened letter, a pen and a notepad.

Nagi sighed in relief and a subtle tension left his muscles as well, even though they were still knotted.

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There was only one person in this household that could rattle the frames along the wall in Brad's office with the slam of a door. He had only just returned himself, satisfied with the outcome of his little side trek. But the evidence spoke of a less than smooth mission for Nagi.

Brad headed for the bathroom to return the supplies to the medical cabinet and fridge before venturing to the teens room to see if damage control was called for.

He knocked lightly on the frame of his door. Brad paused just a moment as he caught site of the random floaters in Nagi's space. He was wound up much tighter than Brad had surmised.

"Bombay give you trouble?"

Brad would never consider any of the Weiss capable of providing Nagi a challenge but, despite that, Brad carefully assessed Nagi's condition, looking him over from the distance for any obvious puncture wounds.

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Crawford half cocked an eyebrow at the waspish response. He crossed his arms loosely across his chest and leaned into the doorframe with a shoulder, simply watching the tension consume his youngest assassin.

Farfarello would be putting blades through tv sets by now.

Schuldig would be whining, complaining, screaming, stalking-off-to-do-god- knows-what by now.

But Nagi, in many ways the most dangerous but also the most vulnerable among them... he was doing an impressive job of not only managing his stress but his talent as well. The boy never failed to impress, especially at those times he felt he was a failure.

Crawford would take Nagi's 'failures' over most everyone elses successes any day.

He watched him for a few moments, barely containing the smirk as his own security systems seemed to mock him. None of this was conducive to gaining the information they needed to move forward.

"I would rather it had been Bombay... it SHOULD have been." He pushed off of the door frame. "Leave it. You can dig further after the mission tonight. Schuldig has made progress with Weiss and their handler - we have more information to work with. Come out here and tell me about your conversation with Siberian and Balinese." Crawford turned on his heel and headed out to the living room, quickly sidestepping the darting ball of fur at his feet with a quiet growl.

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Crawford casually sank into the couch, the stress of the last few days still tugging at him. He slung an arm over the back and crossed his legs, posture far from rigid. He pulled his glasses from his face as Nagi slowly made his way into the living room, rubbing heavily at his eyes as the boy perched on the edge of couch across the room.

Nagi could not stay this tense. Usually this was Schuldig's forte, talking him down from whatever got stuck in his head. Brad barely had any frame of reference for what could even possibly be going through his teenage head. He never really gotten to experience whatever this 'teenage' thing was. And something told him that Schuldig was not a typical example of the teenage mind either at the same age.

He studied his hazy outline from the opposite couch for a moment. Normally he would just barrel into whatever needed to be said or done and the urge to do so was still strong. But he knew that was habit. It was training. It was from the old life the left behind buried under tons of rubble on the floor of Tokyo Bay.

"Why don't you sit over here?" Crawford gave the back of the couch a solid thump with his hand to emphasis his point. "I need to take a break from my glasses for awhile."

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Crawford wasn't even sure if he could remember a time when Nagi actually looked relaxed. Not that he was a good role model for it. But surely Schuldig and Farfarello had had some effect.

"You look like I felt when Schuldig and Farfarello killed Takatori's daughter. I don't want to underscore the seriousness of current events but this meeting with Weiss simply wasn't important enough to be this stressful. What did they do wrong?"

There was no doubt in his mind that it was Weiss that fucked this up. It was a simple delivery of a message. Nagi had done so dozens of times before. Weiss did something to get under Nagi's skin. And, if it was Kudoh, playing his trump card, using whatever he thought he knew about Nagi against him, Crawford would instantly recind his orders and kill the blond himself.

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There were no news reports, and, more importantly, no visions warning of some dire outcome from Nagi's breach of security protcols. Truth be told, the only people who would know what they were witnessing would already have a full dossier on Nagi and bring talents with them to counter him. A small lesson taught in a school yard was hardly a risk considering the hit or miss nature of Weiss' plan in the first place. Even if there had been witnesses they would most likely think it a schoolage prank anyway.

Nagi wasn't a fragile, vulnerable ten year old anymore. He was more than capable of handling himself. Crawford wouldn't have sent him alone if he weren't.

"Siberian? And not Balinese... interesting. What did he say to earn himself... correction?" Crawford smirked as he looked to Nagi, both amused and rueful at the expectant look on his face.

He considered that look for a moment and his own expression flattened out. Crawford had hit Nagi so rarely, it was almost a slap in the face that he seemed to be expecting it now.

"What state did you leave him in?"

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It would figure that this situation was thrown another wildcard.

"Siberian is the cause then... his instability is fracturing the possibilities." Crawford sank back into the couch a bit further, lost momentarily in thought. He had no lingering concerns for Nagi. He reined himself in with his usual efficiency. This particular time, he simply seemed annoyed.

"You were remarkably diplomatic all things considered. I am not so sure I would have been as reserved with that 'lapdog' comment. With any luck, Siberian is just crazy and not stupid. After all, there is only one cure for stupid... and my visions point to his usefulness in the future." Brad was a touch amused by the whole thing after he gave it some thought. Nagi probably tried to beat some sense into the assassin a few times before resorting to a gross display of power. It could have been a death wish but, Brad was sure, if Siberian was intent on dying, he would know he only needed to threaten any one of them with a weapon.

Suicide by Schwarz. That thought brought a full smirk to his lips.

"I'm not surprized by their lack of cohesion. This new development with Siberian is interesting but of little consequence to us. When Schuldig returns we'll piece together the final details of our mission tonight."

And that was all Brad really had to say on the matter. It was an anticlimax. Siberian was crazy, Weiss was in shambles, Kritiker was rotting from the core... and Schwarz didn't even need to intervene. But he hadn't really called Nagi out here for his report. He could have asked for that while standing in the doorway. The boy was on edge irregardless of Weiss stupidity.

"So why did the 'lapdog' and loyalty comments get under your skin?" Brad thought he already knew the answer to that question but, it seemed, the boy needed to air out some issues.

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Pushing Nagi beyond his limits was always a dangerous affair. Early on they had learned the hard way that progress needed to be made in small, incremental steps with the boy. When Brad had first found him, he had hoped that the abandoned orphan had an attachment disorder - already deadened to the world and those around him. It would have been much easier to use him as the tool Brad's vision suggested he would need if Nagi had been.

But he wasn't quite so broken. Repressed... but not sociopathic beyond all repair.

The damaged boy was slow to warm but, deep down, he was looking for somewhere to belong. His attachment to this team was nearly immediate and complete. It was a complication Brad had not anticipated, perhaps, because he was unsure exactly how he himself would react to it.

Like now.

The blank stare was incredibly telling.

Brad simply watched Nagi placidly, letting his thoughts stray where they will. After all, he was answering his own questions in those moments of introspective silence. Finally, Nagi turned his gaze in Brad's direction, looking very much like he did all those years ago when Brad had collected him off of the Tokyo streets. Young, unsure, confused... terrified.

"Perhaps it isn't Weiss that is preoccupying your thoughts... "

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Schuldig pulled the car into the parking garage, smirking and entirely pleased with himself. He checked the gas gauge before he stepped out of the car. Nearly empty, though not enough to be terribly annoying the next time Brad got into his car. He shrugged slightly, hoping that the smell of stale cigarettes and old coffee on top of the almost empty tank would be irritating enough to get a reaction.

He walked to the elevator and pushed the up button a few times, thinking over his conversation with Manx. It was surprising how little Weiss seemed to care about the theater, but then, considering the source, he wouldn't be surprised if they didn't show up at all.

As he stepped onto the elevator, he caught a glimpse of his black eye and bruised neck and felt a slight twist in his stomach. Picking up Manx and having a chat hadn't exactly been within his mission parameters, and while he was pretty sure Brad would be pleased with the outcome, the man had been off lately. Hell, Brad should still be in bed after that vision, but he doubted that was the case.

Another black eyes wasn't something he was looking forward to. And he wasn't foolish enough to think that sleeping with the man would be enough to save him from his anger. It was like a barely contained beast, as he'd seen a few days ago.

He'd play this one by ear. It was entirely possible Brad already knew because of a vision, though with how flighty Brad's visions had been lately, it was very possible he hadn't Seen anything. As long as Brad was in a better mood now than he was this morning, there shouldn't be any problems.

At least, he hoped not.

The elevator doors opened and he stepped out, strolling down the hall toward their apartment. There was no sense in worrying about it. Brad would either be angry or he wouldn't. All he could do was chose his timing. He didn't even know why he was so worried. Nothing but good had come from their conversation. He hadn't brought her back to the apartment... hell, he'd been nothing but professional. He hadn't done anything wrong.

He took a deep breath and pushed the door opened, an laid back smirk sliding onto his face with much practiced ease.

"Honey, I'm home."

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The air in the apartment was practically vibrating with tension, and when he turned the corner and saw Nagi, it was like someone had just driven an ice pick into his brain. A hand went to his forehead, and he actually glanced behind him to make sure Farfarello hadn't snuck up on him in one of his fits of random violence.

Nagi was still wound up about his encounter with Siberian, and judging by what he'd gotten from Weiss, he was surprised that Ken was still alive to tell the tale. Nagi was wound tight enough to have killed him with barely a thought. The fact that Ken wasn't dead spoke volumes for Nagi's self control.

Rather than retreating from the situation to the safety of his room, he instead sat down right between Crawford and Nagi, leaning back and sprawling his legs out in front of him. Crawford was grilling the kid, and he was obviously not in the mood to be grilled. He needed to go somewhere that he could let loose and break things, but that wasn't Nagi's usual method of releasing his pent up energy.

"Has anyone fed the cat today?" He asked, looking in Nagi's direction.

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Rosenkreuz had gotten Schuldig's talent entirely wrong. His telepathy paled in comparison to the redhead's always impeccable timing. It was a wonderous thing to behold. It spared no opportunity to put the redhead in the right place(or wrong... depending on who you ask) at the precise moment for Schuldig to steal the show.

Too often this little known, but ever present, talent seemed to be a never ending source of irritation. But, at the moment, Brad silently breathed an internal sigh of relief. This time it was fortuitous. Nagi needed handling and that was solidly Schuldig's forte.

He scrubbed a hand over his tired eyes, relaxing further into the couch as Schuldig wedged himself between them. Brad had nothing but the best of intentions but he held no delusions that he would be an effective sounding board for his youngest assassin. He was more than happy to silently hand the task over to Schuldig.

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//No problem. We'll talk later and figure out what to tell Crawford. Go relax for a while, you look like you're exhausted.//

Schuldig looked at Crawford, cocking his head a little. "So, Siberian has pretty much lost it. He makes Farf look like the poster child for sanity. Weiss is a complete mess... why do we need to work with them again? They're more interested in who is fucking who than anything else. But I'm pretty sure they'll be at the theater tonight."

He sat up, leaning forward with an elbows on his knee, and his chin leaning against his palm. "Why are you poking at Nagi when he's so strung out? Are you trying to get yourself killed? I thought Farfarello had split my head opened when I saw him."

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Nagi could not stay this wound up and be effective on a mission. Brad simply couldn't fathom how or why any of Weiss could possibly get under Nagi's skin so effectively. He was already decided. It wasn't Weiss so it must be something else and that was what they needed to get out of the boy.

This had all the hallmarks of Nagi's infatuation with Tot. At least that would be a non issue from here forward. That small comfort of a thought pulled a barely there smirk to the corner of his lips and passed all too quickly.

Schuldig's rapid fire report would be addressed. Especially the reminder that Schuldig was privvy to an as yet undeciphered vision. Bringing that fact into conversation was going to be a problem, if, for no other reason, that it was incredibly annoying. Asking questions he might not have answers to for years was going to grow old fast.

"Nagi will be a liability if he goes on this mission. It's not Weiss that has him wound up. They're a symptom, not the cause."

Brad locked a stare on Schuldig, ready to address the other problem he perceived.

"I sent you to get information on Sato and the disk and all you paid attention to was their adolescent soap opera? Sounds like it could have been the perfect opportunity to slip in and get the information we needed but you let yourself get caught up in their drama?"

Sometimes, Brad seriously considered commissioning a shock collar - something that would deliver a nasty jolt every time Schuldig let himself get distracted. He always ended up dismissing the idea because he knew Schuldig would end up electrocuting himself to death before the end of a single day.

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//Only at me, apparently. I'm good at that.// He gave a soft mental chuckle. //He's just worried about you. Go to your room and see if you can fix your computer. Do something that will get your mind off of what happened for a while. I'll keep Brad occupied. I have some interesting information for him.//

"Sato is useless. From what I can tell, he's just your typical yes-man. He has no idea about Weiss, and is severely underestimating us. And like I said, Weiss was more interested in Siberian fucking Bombay than the people that are going to die tonight..." He paused for a minute, eying Brad and trying to gauge his mood. Shit, Brad already assumed Schuldig had failed at his mission today... might as well let the cat out of the bag.

"I did have an interesting conversation with Manx, though. Did I tell you that she knows how to shield?" He leaned back again, watching Brad and waiting for his reaction.

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Thankfully, Schuldig was only stalling. Brad may have had more patience for Schuldig's idiosyncrasies were he rested and centered and... himself. Too much was happening at once for him to rest easy. Or to play the twenty question game it usually took to get information out of hte redhead.

Apparently, Schuldig sensed that. Brad was sure the black eye was a powerful reminder.

Just the utterance of Manx's name had his right hand twitch into a fist. That woman. She had a knack for being incredibly annoying yet intriguing at the same time.

"Shield? A flatscan from Kritiker?" Obviously, if Schuldig had a conversation there was much more to tell. "What is she doing in Japan in the first place? Last reports put her in the US."

Brad settled back into the couch, his stare downgrading to a conversational gaze. His right hand restlessly fidgeted between a fist and tracing the scar on his palm. Schuldig had his full attention.

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//I think Siberian was already cracked when he got to you. And from what I got, he deserved what you gave him. If I'd been there, he'd probably be a vegetable right now. As for the mission... who fucking knows. Those boys are worse than a soap opera.//

Schuldig eyed Brad's fist warily. He really didn't want a matching black eye. One was bad enough. At least today he could open it enough to see out of it.

"Interesting story, actually. The Fujimiya girl left today. With Thea. Remember Thea? Not bad for a telepath of her level. Apparently she works with Manx. Freelance. I couldn't get where they were taking her from Manx without her realizing something was up. She got suspicious the first time I poked and herded everyone inside. I think Thea taught her a thing or two about telepathy.

"Sato... complete waste of time. He's so absorbed in his ideology that you can't get anything out of him. 'For the good of blah blah blah'. But the voice on the disk is a Talent employed by Kritiker. Supposed to be a cure for something, but it didn't work out. I think he's lying, but I couldn't tell because I think he just really believes his lies.

"But... as for Manx. She recruits Talents for Kritiker. She even gave me her salespitch." He snorted a bit. "I told her to shove it. But I guess she knows a lot more about Esset and Rosenkreuz than the rest of Weiss. God... Weiss..." He shook his head. "I think they'll pull their heads out of their asses in time for the theater tonight. I didn't tell her everything, but I gave her a little information to follow up on. Hopefully tonight we'll know who this Johnson guy is... then we can gut him."

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Brad listened intently, his posture straightening, tensing as Schuldig mentioned a familiar name. He reached for his glasses and ran a hand thru his hair before donning them once again.

Schuldig had been handed a golden opportunity and he took it.

He smirked just slightly in Schuldig's direction.

That was the assassin he had grown to trust his back to.

"Well, I guess you will need to put the lovely Manx on your list. I don't care who initiated contact. It was only a matter of time before Esset, Rosenkreuz and Kritiker all crossed paths. Until we know exactly where Thea stands, be judicious with what you give her. But the bottom line is that our location is now compromised. We'll have to make quick work of this disk and keep our eyes open."

Brad stood, pushing his glasses up. There were pieces to shift, timelines to be adjusted, new ones to be written. The disk and johnson were first on the list and possibly looming in just a few hours.

"I wouldn't totally discount Sato just yet." Sometimes the most useless piece ended up being the keystone to lock the puzzle together. "But for right now, if you have a way in through Manx, we'll use her for all she's worth."

Brad slowly turned, still half lost in thought, incorporating the new information into his internal filing systems for his visions to reference as needed. As he reached the kitchen he stopped with a sudden moment of insight. With a slight tilt of his head, he glanced back over his shoulder to Schuldig.

"Tonight could be pivotal." As he said the words they rang true, resonating off of the as-yet-uninterpreted vision.

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Schuldig gave a mental sigh, repeating what he had just told Brad. //If you want more than that, you should come out here and join the conversation. I don't want to have the same conversation in two places.// He made sure the annoyance was backed with some affection, letting Nagi know that he wasn't really upset with him.

"I figured tonight would be." He said, following Brad into the kitchen, his stomach rumbling as if on cue. All he'd had since breakfast was a latte and about a pack of cigarettes.

"But, since we have time, we should order in." Schuldig sighed, opening a drawer full of various take out menus. "I'm not cooking. You should be resting, and Nagi needs to eat something besides rice. I'm thinking Thai, sound good?"

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Brad crossed to the refrigerator, tossing it open to starely blankly at it for a few seconds. He grabbed a takeout container and shut the door, rifling through a drawer to grab a pair of chopsticks. He stirred the contents a few times and sampled a cold bite.

"Thai sounds fine." He chimed in between bites. He polished off half of the container in record time.

"The last thing Kritiker needs is talents on the payroll." He polished off the last of the carton and tossed it in the trash. "They will never see the infiltration until its too late. That is, if they aren't already compromised. Manx must have had some sort of ephipheny if she tried to recruit you... last I remember she had a bullet for us instead."

Date: 2010-07-15 12:43 am (UTC)
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Schuldig leaned against the counter, raising an eyebrow at Brad. He had never, never seen the man eat leftovers cold and straight from the box. Even after missions that had required little sleep and huge abuse of their minds and bodies, Brad would still get a plate and heat the food up.

This... was sloppy. Brad never did sloppy.

And that box had been Schuldig's to boot. Heavily spiced with more onion than most people cared to look at, let alone eat. Brad didn't eat anything Schuldig ate as a general rule. But he'd just finished the entire box.

"I think you need to go to bed." Schuldig frowned. "You're exhausted. And you just ate my cold leftovers out of the box." Brad was clearly out of it right now.

Date: 2010-07-15 01:13 am (UTC)
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Brad looked between the trash can and Schuldig. He honestly wasn't even sure what it was he just ate.

"I'm just hungry and I have a few things that need doing before we head out." He turned back to the fridge and pulled out a dark bottle of beer to wash the taste of whatever-it-was-that-he-just-ate out of his mouth. He paused between a few swigs, at least able to savor the slight lingering bitterness of the dark brew. He looked to Schuldig from beneath his bangs.

"That's the fourth time I've eaten today... and I'm still starving." An appetite amped up this high was an huge signal. Considering that it was physically based talents that usually encountered this side effect, it was telling to be a mental talent experiencing the same thing. The changes currently underway in his head had to be massive.

"Order the Thai - enough for two days. Then we can talk more about your chat with Manx."

Date: 2010-07-15 01:23 am (UTC)
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"Just hungry my ass..." Schuldig frowned again. He knew Nagi could eat like a horse after a huge expenditure of power, and even he could eat when he'd spent a lot of time using his power to create physical effects, but Brad's power didn't leave any sort of physical manifestation. At all..

Until a couple of days ago...

Those bruises...

Schuldig sighed, flipping his phone opened and calling the Thai place, ordering damn near everything on the menu, plus extra of the dishes he knew Brad was particularly fond of.

Date: 2010-07-15 01:52 am (UTC)
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Brad leaned back heavily against the kitchen counter. He actually could use some rest but it was just a bit of lingering fatigue. He could function just fine while much more tired than he currently felt. And he wasn't anticipating this mission tonight to be particularly physical. Even if it did end up that way, Schuldig and Farfarello were more than motivated to get this job done.

Again, he was reminded that that damned Siberian could be tossing a huge monkey wrench into what should be an extremely easy retrieval mission... even for Weiss. Whatever had the assassin unhinged, he'd be damned if he was going to let it interfer with his plans. Siberian was an easy problem to fix if he got underfoot in any real way.

Thoughts of Siberian just brought him full circle back to Nagi. It was Balinese that had gotten under Nagi's skin. A few taunts from Siberian shouldn't have been able to rattle Nagi so effectively. The only answer for the unthinkable was that Nagi was still rattled by something else. He needed Nagi solid for tonight - that much was for sure.

It seemed Schuldig wasn't taking any chances with Brad's appetite. Brad smirked around his bottle as Schuldig placed an epic order. At least Farfarello would be pleased. It would be an all you could eat buffet in about an hour. He swigged down the rest of his beer and reached for another, cracking one open for Schuldig as well.

"What, do you think, has Nagi so wound up? I'm not buying that it's Siberian's stupidity."

Date: 2010-08-03 02:06 am (UTC)
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"I don't know. Siberian is being rather stupid at the moment." Schuldig sighed. "I wanted to walk into that store and slap the stupid out of him. I doubt his team would have stopped me." He grinned a bit, waving Brad over to the table as he sat down.

"But no. He's been a little off since... Balinese..." He did his best not to twitch, hating having to bring up the idea that his entertainment a few days ago might have had something to do with this mess now. "He'll get over it eventually. He just needs some time to unwind. Talking to you never helps him unwind. Did you ever enjoy talking to your superiors at Rozenkreuz? Or talking to the Elders?" Schuldig gave an exaggerated shiver at the thought. "I'm not comparing you to them... but... authority. I mean, I know you just have a stick wedged too far up there, but Nagi... he takes it more seriously."

Date: 2010-08-03 02:33 am (UTC)
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Brad crossed to the table taking a long swig from his bottle before sliding slowly into his usual seat.

Brad could care less about Siberian. He was only a potential problem and and easy problem to fix. He might as well just give Farfarello the go ahead to finish his masterpiece once and for all just to take the annoyance off his radar.

He leaned back into the chair, a slight curl of his shoulders forward actually hinted at less than perfect posture as he toyed with the bottle on the table in front of him. His gaze snapped to Schuldig with the mention of Balinese. And the comparision to the elders instantly fixed an obvious, blatant scowl on his face.

"Nagi takes everything seriously because he needs to." There was more than a bit of disgust in his voice. "'That stick' is what keeps my visions in check. 'That stick' is the reason we are free. And 'that stick' will also be what keeps our hormonal sixteen year old from accidentally leveling Tokyo over his first crush." Brad swigged back the rest of his beer, draining the bottle. As usual, Schuldig summed up the heart of the matter with laser targeted precision. Brad wasn't even sure exactly WHY Schuldig had hit a nerve but he had.

He quelled the urge to just end the conversation. Nagi needed resolution. Brad's own discomfort wasn't reason enough to abandon that effort.

"I..." Brad rolled the bottle between his fingers, trying to wrestle his thoughts into coherency. "Nagi needs to see a clear distinction." He looked up to Schuldig, eyes dark and focused. "I am not a substitute... for them."

Date: 2010-08-03 02:52 am (UTC)
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"Hey, woah, I didn't say you are them." Schuldig held up his hands. "I was just... trying to make a comparison. As far as that kid is concerned, you have all of the power around here. How would you have felt if one of those wrinkly old men wanted to have a heart to heart with you about your feelings? Hmm?"

At least Brad was annoyed enough with the mention of the Elders to let the mention of Balinese slide for now.

"Listen, this really isn't the time for it. For either of you. You are exhausted and just... off. Nagi is wound tighter than a two dollar watch. Both of you need to eat and rest. If Siberian causes more problems, I'll take care of it." A small grin crossed his lips. "One way or another."

Date: 2010-08-03 03:08 am (UTC)
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"The only power I have over him is the power he gives me." And honestly, that went for all of them. Brad very nearly had boarded that plane at Narita. He was confident all three of them would survive just fine without him. But they didn't want to. At least Nagi and Schuldig didn't - Farfarello's motivations were never so easy to decipher.

Brad looked to the bottle fidgeting between his hands, blankly examining the label. The mask he wore for the elders all those years slipped firmly back into place.

"I don't need his feelings, I just need him solid." The words were hard as steel and just as cold. The hints of emotion that had crept into his earlier words evaporated as if they had never been there at all. "Tonight, we need that agent and his information. Fuck the vision. If Siberian gets in the way, kill him. I know I won't need to tell Farfarello twice. We just need to make sure Nagi is on that same page."

Date: 2010-08-03 06:47 am (UTC)
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Schuldig sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. Fuck it. He was too tired to argue about this right now. They were all running on fumes, lately, but especially Brad. And it seemed Brad was working on shutting down.

"Right. We'll talk about this later." Schuldig stood up and stretched. He really wasn't in the mood to pound the idea into Brad's head that feelings important. Ignoring Nagi's feelings was really a recipe for disaster. "The food should be here soon. I'm going to get Nagi. You stay there and drink your beer."

Never mind that he could mentally summon Nagi. He just wanted to get away from Brad and his crappy attitude for a few minutes.

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Schuldig knocked on Nagi's door, then opened it and leaned against the door frame, watching him. He seemed to be less on edge now; the air wasn't thick or crackling with impending doom, so it seemed safe enough.

He watched Nagi continue to work. Computers. He would never understand them. Besides, he didn't need to. They had a Nagi for things like that. As long as Schuldig could check his email, and search for porn in his down time, he would be just fine.

"So. Feeling any better, now?" He asked, tilting his head slightly.

Date: 2010-08-18 07:22 pm (UTC)
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"You must be feeling better if you're giving me attitude." Schuldig smirked, raising an eyebrow at the glare. He walked into the room and sat down on Nagi's bed, watching the boy type away. It was always interesting to watch him typing with his hands and his mind. Anyone else might think they were going crazy as buttons sank down unaided by fingers.

The boy really did have excellent control of his power, even when he was upset. It's just that there was so much power, it had to be hard to control all of it. Some of those catastrophes could have been so much worse if Nagi wasn't keeping an iron grip on himself.

"So, what exactly happened earlier, if you don't mind. I got Ken's side of it... but Ken is a little fucked in the head. If I'd been you, he'd be a red smear on that wall by now just for being so stupid."


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