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Nagi made his way home without trouble. No one bothered with a scowling teen staring at his far too complicated cell phone. Not only were they a common sight, but Nagi didn't exactly look like he was open to conversation.

His talent opened the door for him and he walked through, slamming the thing shut behind him.
The whole assignment didn't sit well with him. As a matter of fact, nothing that had happened the past few days sat very well with him. He had a lot to think about and between assignments that he wasn't cut out for and a wild goose chase for information Crawford could use, he didn't exactly have a lot of time to do so.

Nagi didn't bother to look if any of his teammates were home, assuming that if they were interested, the slamming of the door would have alerted them enough. He let his power unravel a little. It was almost painful, so tight a leash he'd kept on it. Like you'd kept a muscle tensed for hours on end and were only now slowly relaxing it. But it was a good pain, a relief.

Around him a few loose object took to the air, not really doing anything, just floating. One of Farf's knifes just laying around, a small statue that had possibly already been in the house when Schwarz had occupied it, an unopened letter, a pen and a notepad.

Nagi sighed in relief and a subtle tension left his muscles as well, even though they were still knotted.

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