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Omi sat in the mission room and stared blankly at his computer screen, his thoughts constantly cycling between guilt and fear. His team – his family – was imploding and it scared him beyond anything he could remember. He shook his head and tried to concentrate on the mission. Closing his eyes, he slapped his cheeks lightly and recited to himself…

Bombay… you are Bombay and you have a mission. You are Bombay.

Repeating the mantra over and over again for a few moments allowed him to focus and re-gain his concentration. He reviewed the mission parameters (as he knew them) in his head while his fingers flew over the keyboard, pulling up information on the theater. He had managed to find blueprints from the architectural firm that had built the structure but it didn’t help with the obstacles inside that could hamper his team from getting people to safety or allowing Weiss access to where they wanted to be. Bombay chewed his bottom lip. Normally, they had better intelligence for taking out whatever ‘dark beast’ needed to be dispatched but this time…

“Damn it!” Bombay muttered.

From what he knew, the disc needed to be played over speakers. He didn’t have a clue if some sort of special speaker system would be used or if they would be tapping into the speaker system already in place at the theater and a fairly good one at that. He assumed it could be the latter since they culprit had decided to make a ‘theater’ the place of his experiment. He could shut the power down from his laptop, but if there was a separate sound system being used, it became a much bigger problem.

Bombay sighed again. Maybe he was just making this more complicated and should just phone in a phony bomb scare or pull the fire alarm and have the theater evacuated. His team wasn’t running at full capacity as it was. Ran’s leg was not too bad but it would keep him grounded. No high-flying stunts for Abyssinian tonight. Yohji, well shit, he didn’t even know if Yohji could use his wire effectively and Ken… not only was his ankle bad but he had a possible concussion. Guilt once again twisted in Omi’s gut as his thoughts turned to Ken. Ken obviously had been backsliding for a long time but the outburst earlier today led to concerns that he also wouldn’t be following orders. If he went rogue…. Omi tried to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat.

Omi had always felt that Aya was their will and strength, Yohji their heart and Ken had always been hope to him. Ken’s love for soccer and sharing that joy by teaching kids to play, kept alive in Omi the thought that there would be a tomorrow past Weiss. He didn’t want to lose Ken. He was his friend and he would do anything - anything for all of them. He refused to lose any one of his teammates. No matter what it took, he was determined to keep them together and alive. But the shape they were all in now… that in and of itself made them accepting this mission complete and utter suicide.

Turning back to his computer, Bombay typed in a search and after reading for several moments made a decision. He couldn’t protect his team without more information. He could call Manx or Sato but neither seemed ready to be up front with him about the details of what was going on. He had a feeling that was a much deeper problem and needed time later to think a little more on that to try to piece things together, but for now, all that mattered was surviving the night and with them all in one piece. It was possible that Yohji and Ken knew more, since their outbursts earlier had kept them from being properly debriefed. He wasn’t sure Ken would talk to him so it had to be Yohji. Without a second thought, he pulled out his phone and composed a quick text and hit send. Knowing that Yohji would meet him in his room, he collected up some papers from the printer, grabbed up a couple more needed items, then closed and tucked his laptop under his arm. It would soon be time for them to leave and he was the first to admit that they were not ready.

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Yohji took his time sauntering over to Omi's room in spite of the warning that he needed to avoid Ken, and therefore probably should have hurried.

He was not looking forward to this.

When Ken had confided in him what had happened between himself and Omi, Yohji's gut instinct had been to want to hunt the kid down and throttle some sense into him. He'd been...well...not that he liked catching himself thinking such tediously parental type thoughts, but he'd been downright disappointed in Omi. He’d always felt his teammate was impressively mature for his age.

Too mature. He supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised that Omi’s…no, guess he couldn’t call it a ‘childhood,’…background…hadn’t really accommodated for the development of completely functional relationship skills. Omi had been trained from a very young age to excel at complex problem solving. And that’s exactly how it had sounded like he’d treated Ken. As if Ken’s feelings were some sort of mission that needed to be efficiently handled.

In only a few short days though the tables had turned. Now Ken was the one causing Yohji to be barely able to restrain his need to inflict a good throttling. And having witnessed the snowballing psychosis, Yohji really didn’t feel he could blame Omi for anything anymore. How would even a normal person know how to react to Ken? How could anyone tell where the line between the old Ken ended, and when exactly this new personality had started to manifest? Yohji fancied himself having an above average interest in people, but he knew he was no psychiatrist. The only judgment call he felt confident in making at this point was that something needed to be done about Ken.

He was relieved that Omi had had the sense to realize they needed to talk before the mission. He hoped his general concern for Ken and the team would continue to override his lingering urge to ream Omi out.

Well, at least if Ran showed up that would keep his own common sense grounded.


“Heya, Omittchi,” he knocked on the door, but was already opening it before Omi had a chance to respond. “Here I am.” It was a painfully obvious thing to say. But he had to say something least the words ’What the hell were you thinking’ slip out instead.

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Yohji hadn’t quite been prepared to see Omi so upset. He supposed his expectations were getting colored by his own distractions with Ran and the fact that Ken had recently acquired previously unrevealed skills of master emotion disguise. Not knowing what was going through Ran’s mind at any given time had been the usual state of affairs. While Ran might be very gradually opening up now, he found he couldn’t read Ken anymore. At all.

With Omi getting tangled up in the…Ken problem…Yohji supposed he just assumed some of Ken’s cryptic-ness would have rubbed off.

But, no. Omi was looking like his genuine self. And more than just a little bit guilty. He honestly hadn’t intended to inflict anything negative upon his teammate. But a display of visible guilt deepened his relief. Yohji was no longer sure Ken could even feel guilt anymore. To be assured that the rest of his team were still functioning like regular people was a weight off his mind. He was a lot more ready to write off whatever had happened as youthful bad judgment now. Omi clearly regretted it. And Ken wasn’t exactly giving him any opportunities to fix things.

It’s not like he himself could say he hadn’t stepped on anyone’s feelings before. Not by a long shot.

He nodded at the suggestion that they talk more after the mission, and sat down next to Omi on the bed. He sighed, and leaned back on his elbows.

“I’m afraid there’s not a whole lot to tell you,” he confessed. “The kid was extremely cagey. And trying to play dumb, but I didn’t find it all that convincing. He claimed Oracle had had a vision this morning of the disk being used. But he found that ‘confusing’ since the disk is currently in Schwarz’s possession. I tried to get him to explain Schwarz’s intentions, but,” he rolled his eyes in frustration at the memory, “Ken jumped in and started slinging accusations. Nag-er-Prodigy clammed up and wouldn’t give me anything else except the place and time of the incident.”

He sighed again and looked at Omi apologetically for not having more insight. “Ken’s a problem,” he matter-of-factly announced. Omi was obviously already aware, but he was curious to hear what his teammate would have to say on the matter.

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“Hey,” Yohji scooted over so that he could reach over and put his hand on Omi’s shoulder. “Omi. Omittchi. That wasn’t an accusation.”

A day or two ago it would have been… But.

He looked at his younger teammate seriously. He was genuinely distraught.

A pang of guilt shot through Yohji as he took in Omi’s misery. He’d contributed to this, he had to remind himself. He’d encouraged Ken to tell Omi how he felt. And deep down, he’d known nothing good could come of it. He’d seen the way Omi and Aya-chan had clicked. Close as they were, he had to admit he’d never picked up similar vibes between Omi and Ken. He’d just hoped….

He and his fucking optimism. In hindsight it was pretty clear that he’d seen his own potential love life looking pretty bleak. He’d thought his younger teammates had a better shot at happiness.

Speaking of bad judgment calls.

He made a mental note to not let himself meddle in their personal lives ever again.

Well….once Ken was back to normal. He felt he kinda had a free pass to keep meddling in Ken’s personal life for a while yet.

“If this was a week ago, all I think it would take to fix things is telling him what you just told me,” Yohji sighed. “But that’s just it. Ken isn’t Ken. I mean he really isn’t Ken. That’s the problem I was talking about.” He squeezed Omi’s shoulder. “We don’t really have a choice about going on the mission. But I don’t think Ken should be included. Honestly? If this mission seems suicidal, well, I think Ken’s the deal sealer on that.”

Yohji glanced down at the crumpled paper, wondering just how important or relevant to the mission it might have been. Hopefully not so much. “Do you want my honest opinion? Right now I feel more confident that Schwarz doesn’t want us dead than Kritiker. Sato was shot by someone on the inside. If Schwarz wanted to kill us they’ve had a hundred chances already. Just my two cents there. I don’t think we can afford to go after the disk another day. I…saw the aftermath of Oracle having a vision. It was surprisingly brutal and Schwarz is rattled. I don’t think they’d bother sharing any of that insight if it wasn’t urgent. I mean big time urgent.”

He shrugged. “Just my feeling,” he tacked on. “Wish I could actually back that up, ya know?”

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Ran had made quick work of donning his mission gear and was cinching the last of his buckles on the way to the door of Omi's room. Hearing voices inside already he paused outside, hoping that Yohji, with all his damned experience, would have some sage advice for their youngest member. Advice on how to stop an interested party from turning psycho after you rejected them, for instance.

If only it were that simple. If only there hadn't been evidence of Ken's struggle before they had done whatever they had done.

He imagined that setting the brunet up would be the quick fix if it were only a relationship problem.

For PTSD though, he wasn't sure what to suggest. He didn't like the obvious option - retirement. It was what logic and protocol both led to. He had no words of comfort for that ailment. If you didn't have the constitution to be an assassin and hold onto your sanity, then you were a danger to everyone and yourself most especially. He knew Ken though, and counted him among a very, very small list of friends. It was stupidity, he knew that, but his conscience would never forgive him if they gave up on their teammate when he needed them the most. It wasn't his call to make.

Yohji's and Omi's voices were too quiet to make out. Ran concealed his katana and opened the door without an announcement, shutting it silently behind him. He picked a spot on the floor equidistant from both Omi and Yohji, avoiding Yohji's eyes and focusing on Omi, mouth grim.

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Yohji’s jaw tightened as Omi voiced verbatim all of the concerns that had been plaguing him for days now.

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “His behavior has been too consistent. If he were being controlled by Mastermind then Mastermind would have to be in his head twenty-four/seven. Trust me in saying that the asshole hasn’t got the attention span for that. He just doesn’t find us important enough. And that’s not really how Mastermind operates, anyway,” Yohji paused, feeling slightly uncomfortable to be reporting something from personal experience. “He’s attracted to people who are already messed up. He feeds them ideas and then watches them self destruct. Just controlling people isn’t really all that amusing to him...he likes to act as more of a catalyst than anything, I guess. But even if he interfered, the underlying problem would still stem from Ken.” Yohji tapped his head. “Something’s gone wrong with his wiring, in my opinion.”

He looked at Ran, noting with interest that instead of sitting near them, he’d taken up his typical mission room stance. Eye contact was being avoided, but Yohji didn’t really blame him. Now was most definitely not an appropriate time to flaunt their relationship.

“I was covering for him,” he admitted, turning back to face Omi. “I’ve been really worried about tipping Kritiker off that something’s wrong. But…I think that made it worse. He should have been dealt with immediately. I think we’re past the point where it’s safe to assume he can function. I mean….” Yohji vaguely gestured over his wound which was currently invisible beneath his clothing. “…He was still mostly himself when this happened. He’s worse now. A lot worse.”
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"We've been through all of this," Ran said testily. "Either decide to ground him or accept we have to trust him on this mission."

Omi was looking pained and flustered. It was hard to imagine him taking advantage of anyone, but then again, that was the problem when you weren't fully aware of how much power you actually held. Omi could manipulate people without really trying.

"After this mess is over we can deal with Ken. But he doesn't trust us as it is. If we keep him home he'll come after us anyway, only we won't be able to track his movements. Or his intentions."

He levelled Omi with an even look. "You'll have to talk to him."

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“If we keep him home he'll come after us anyway, only we won't be able to track his movements. Or his intentions.”

Well, that was certainly the truth. Yohji frowned, resigning himself to his teammate's displays of faith and logic.

He hated being the one feeling most cynical towards Ken.

Hard to believe that just a week ago had anyone asked if Yohji had any real friends, Ken was probably the only person he would have confidently named.

Things had changed.

He'd promised to look out for the brunet. So far all he'd succeeded in doing was complicating matters and losing his trust. Although he still felt that remaining wary was looking out for Ken. Ken clearly did not have his own best interests in mind; Yohji had never seen a more deserving subject for some sort of intervention.

Yohji cracked a smile back at Omi. He had to accept that they were in a lose-lose situation and there wasn't much point in continuing to press his case. Might as well go along with any veil of lightheartedness.

"I guess there's the problem," he agreed. "I've been dressing far too stylishly the past few days. Apparently all chaos breaks loose."

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[Ooh, I'm sorry kansou! Ran's gonna be hard on your Omi but it wasn't your Omi's fault...<3<3<3]

Ran evaluated Yohji silently, but there was a very, very small twitch to his lips.

He raised an eyebrow at Omi. He hadn't expected him to talk to Ken before their mission, but maybe it would be their only shot. Maybe after the mission it would be too late.

Or maybe this would be the final bullet to the whole endeavor.

"You should have talked to him sooner," Ran couldn't help saying.

He didn't know enough about what had happened to throw in more than that. But if Ken was sliding downhill and Omi was only suffering from a mild case of guilt, it seemed to him that it was Omi's responsibility, culpability aside.

"Do you know why he doesn't seem to trust us?"

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The formality was unlike Omi, but Yohji couldn't blame him. Ran should have waited until later to lay on the guilt. Like...after the mission. When all of their lives wouldn't be dependant on Omi's ability to concentrate.

"Ken hasn't been terribly receptive to talking," he said, frowning at the abruptly shut door. He wasn't sure now was the best time for Omi to even be trying. And with only 15 minutes? He predicted agitation rather than any soothing of the inexplicable rift.

"That was a bad idea," he added, turning his frown towards Ran.

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Ran was frowning after Omi himself. "I didn't expect him to talk to Ken before the mission," he said.

"He can't think that whatever he and Ken did caused this," he added, eyeing Yohji incriminatingly. The man had known that something went on between those two long before he did.

"Also, why did he call us here if he wasn't going to talk to us?" Ran settled on irritation.

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Yohji shrugged. That’s something he rather wanted to know too.

“He asked me for details about the meeting with Prodigy, before you got here. I didn’t exactly have a lot to elaborate with, so I guess he didn’t see any more reason to talk. Ken was a bit of a conversation killer….” His frown twisted a bit from guilt. It had been his fault Ken had entered the discussion. He really should have accepted that as a lost cause and not attempted to press the topic. Omi might have actually had more to say to them had he only kept his damn mouth shut.

"Who knows, what he thinks. He feels guilty. That colors things..." Ran was giving him a weird look. Yohji shifted uncomfortably on the bed. "I'd assume he can see that whatever is wrong with Ken goes a lot deeper and further back than that. Buuuut...I also would have assumed he wouldn't have done anything. So....stupidity of youth, I'd say. He could be thinking anything."

"The idea that he can resolve that talk in 15 minutes is definitely wishful thinking though," He added, rolling his eyes.

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"It might aggravate him more," Ran asserted, despite being the one who suggested it.

Damn, he swore at himself. He had meant that Omi should have talked to Ken at some point after the mission! He should have read the younger Weiss more carefully. If Ken was pushed past his limits anymore it was going to be Ran's fault for causing Omi to run off and stir things up.

They were already stirred, his logical part of his brain reminded him flatly.

He grimaced at himself. He was still recovering, though he would rather no one else remember that, Yohji was certainly still healing, Omi was distracted by guilt and Ken was losing it. He was placing his hope on Omi's professionalism - he had been trained for this, and like learning a language, his young age gave him the advantage over all of them.

Except when his emotions went haywire. Like a normal teenager's.

Not that much younger than you, he tried to comfort himself.

And then his final fear. That Yohji was actually the weak link. He had seen what happened when Yohji was presented with a choice between responsibility and emotion, and the latter always won.

But was Yohji just like him? Perhaps it was just that both men's sense of responsibility lay with their past, and this team was the means to that end, not the end itself.

Except now that was getting tangled, with their relationship. He was uncomfortable that he hadn't sorted that out yet in his own mind. Yohji wasn't equal anymore to the rest of the team - he had traveled across the line of Ran's boundaries. Did that make him like the family he had been fighting for? He felt like he wasn't seeing things clearly enough.

Ran wondered if Omi was thinking the same thing about them as he was about the two youngest Weiss.

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Yohji nodded. That’s what he was afraid of, and figured was probably the most likely outcome. On the other hand…

“Ken’s looking for excuses to be aggravated. Not to sound too pessimistic but Omi probably can’t make things much worse. And if anyone has half a chance at getting through to him at this point, I’d say Omi’s our only chance. Maybe he’ll actually say something that helps.”

He wished he could really believe his own suggestion.

He sat quietly for a while just staring at Ran.

It suddenly dawned on Yohji that Ran probably didn't really even know what was going on.

Ken had told him about his encounter in confidence...but enough had been said now that it wasn't really a secret anymore. It would probably be better for the team as a whole if everyone knew the real state of things.

"Ken is--er was--" Yohji frowned realizing that he couldn't even recount what had happened as if the Ken currently in the building was actually the same person as the Ken he was talking about. Did present Ken even give a damn that Omi was sorry? Would he care to fix things? Yohji felt cynically doubtful.

"--in love with Omi." he continued. "If you didn't already work that out. I was a bit surprised to find out that Omi lead him on...pretty harshly. I really can't blame Ken for being upset. I don't think it was bad enough to make him go psycho though. Probably just a bad timed coincidence. Just filling you in though."
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Both of Ran's eyebrows raised.

"Love?" He echoed incredulously.

He almost felt like laughing. First Yohji out of the blue, now Ken? Granted, he himself had always been attracted to Yohji, but that was because he was gay. That wasn't a secret to himself. Yohji had always liked women, or so he had thought. It had been a surprise that the playboy actually tried to hide his versatility - it would have made him more popular if anything with women.

His thoughts were rambling. "I almost would think that something was slipped into our water," he said dryly.

He shook his head. "I always thought that he and Kase might have...just from everything," Ran admitted. "He should have known not to go after Omi."

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Yohji just stopped himself from nodding to confirm Ran's speculation. He'd already betrayed way too much of Ken's confidence. While the other details affected their team dynamic, he had no excuse to continue to gossip.

Damn, but he wanted to. Especially given the complete and utter disregard Ken had since developed for their alleged 'friendship.' Did it even matter now?

He hoped it still did.

He shrugged. "I thought I knew better than to go after you,” he grinned sheepishly. “You can actually thank Ken for flinging the obvious in my face there. He’s…astute. And…he should have known not to. Fuck, it’s probably my fault. I encouraged him to talk to Omi.”

He ran his hand through his hair, fidgeting guiltily. “Just talk mind you. I just thought they were good enough friends he’d feel better if they talked about it. I sure as hell didn’t think Omi would do anything. Damn. Bad judgment calls all around on that one.”
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Ran's eyebrows remained raised. Had he really just admitted he had always been attracted to Yohji, even if it was just an internal thought? Always was a pretty sweeping admission. He disliked how much of a liar it made him for all his recent protests. One week, and he had changed. Or maybe the change had been happening since he'd gotten Aya-chan back, and Yohji just was the magnifying glass. Either way, he had to check himself now, while he still could. Later, after the mission, he would either have to explain he had just gotten caught up in the moment when he'd said...that...to Yohji. Or hope that the other man would forget, which was a slim to nothing chance.

He forgot sometimes how alike he and Omi could be in their actions. He could follow their young leader's judgment. Ken had been going downhill, and he could see Omi giving it a thorough try, just on the offchance it would do something to ground Ken. But he was too honest, or caring, to lie to Ken and go all the way, that was always the problem with Omi.

He wondered how Yohji would have taken it if Ran could have told the man truthfully he wasn't interested. He most likely did not want to know the answer to that.

"What do you mean, know better than to go after me?" Ran finally said testily, centering on what Yohji was saying. "It's a mistake to go after a teammate. But what's wrong with...?"

He clamped his mouth shut belatedly. He was taciturn and solitary, that wasn't a secret to himself. He would have added all the excuses he'd once given Sakura, but they didn't apply to Yohji. He knew everything. They were the same. So why was he particularly off-limits in Yohji's mind?

The niggling suspicion that he was just a challenge resurfaced. He'd become emotionally invested despite his better judgement, and by this time next week Yohji would have moved on. It was with some surprise that he realized that this might be important to him because Yohji was the only one for him, but he was just one of who-knew-how-many for the blond.

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Yohji watched a rare flicker of insecurity pass over Ran’s face, before his expression closed, along with his mouth.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yohji asked bemused. “Nothing. It’s just the fact that I’d never seen you act even remotely interested in…anyone,” he ticked off on his fingers as he spoke, “…and you definitely gave off the impression that you found me in particular excruciatingly annoying. Granted, I did supply plenty of incentive for that, but still. What’s more I hit on you at least a couple of dozen times with less than encouraging results; luckily I’m a stubborn bastard and ignore bleak odds. Honestly, I thought Ken had a better chance at things working out than me, and that’s considering it seems pretty obvious that Omi doesn’t swing that way.”

He grinned and jabbed Ran with his elbow. “If you’d, you know, advertised, it might not have required Ken screaming at me in a bar that I needed to hurry the fuck up and get my head out of my ass and put the moves on you, yanno?”

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"Advertised?" Ran was only raising one eyebrow by the time Yohji was done with his speech. "As in, an open-for-business sign?"

His tone was flat, but he shoved back gently at Yohji.

"I wasn't. But I didn't know you were hitting on me. I thought you were..." He thought he was being an asshole. He thought he had guessed and was harrassing him, or maybe was just bored, or maybe just so depressed that he needed to share it with his teammates. It had never seemed particularly mean-spirited of course, but there was no evidence and no follow-up.

Until recently, of course. Did that make it Ran's fault?

"I'd never seen you with a guy," Ran explained. "And I did find you more annoying than anyone else. Omi and Ken usually left me alone."

Of course, there was a reason for his irritation with Yohji's teasing back then too, and Ran found it to be glaringly obvious by that point.

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“Sure would have been helpful,” Yohji snorted. “I never saw you with a guy either. You just never saw me drunk enough. It’s not like you ever went out with me or anything.”

Not for lack of invitations…

He glanced down at his conveniently multi-functional watch.

“Do you think Omi meant 15 minutes literally?” he asked. He hadn’t bothered to actually check the time as his teammate left, unconsciously grasping for excuses to stall commencing the mission.

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"I thought it was a bad idea. I still do. You know that," Ran said irritated. Hadn't he just spent the better part of a week explaining to Yohji just why their whole relationship was a terrible idea?

So why had he just told the other man he loved him?

Why couldn't he just lie?

Selfish? Ran's inner voice supplied. Strange how much it sounded like Yohji at times. Yohji at his worst, that was.

"Yes," Ran said shortly, answering Yohji's question. He headed toward the door.

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"Best bad idea I've ever had." Yohji stood up and stretched, glancing around the room absent-mindedly, as the former subject of his attention was booking it away from him. He hadn't really spent a lot of time in Omi's room before. "Being unsupervised in other people's rooms gives me even more bad ideas," he grinned, following Ran to the door. "Too bad we're on a schedule." He slung an arm over Ran's shoulder conspiratorially.

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Ran looked sideways. He didn't shrug Yohji off - it was a nice feeling, companionship.

Could he really do this and his profession both? How long could they keep this up? How long before it was a distraction at a critical moment?

Approximately an hour, he guessed. At the theater.

He would just have to make sure that didn't become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yohji would be distracted by him. He didn't have a doubt of that. So he would have to make sure that he looked out for them both.

Ran stopped walking. Just in case...

He put one hand behind Yohji's head, and staring into the clear emerald of Yohji's eyes he brought their lips together.

Bad idea, The broken record of his thoughts was becoming fuzzier.

Date: 2010-07-01 05:25 am (UTC)
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He hadn't expected Ran to actually act on his innuendo.

He reciprocated enthusiastically for a moment, savoring the unexpected kiss before common sense sobered his train of thought back up.

Ran was worried.

The thought that they might not return home from the mission this evening wasn't a novel one to Yohji's mind by any means. But still, it rattled him seeing a genuine glimpse that Ran thought so too. He'd never seen his teammate embark for a mission projecting anything less than complete confidence. Even when his sister was missing Yohji had not read any emotion from Ran except absolute determination. This was new. And made it a lot more difficult for Yohji to write off his own fears as overdramatic.

"I could use a smoke before the debriefing," he muttered upon breaking away. Never mind that Ran had insisted within the past very hour that he quit. "Maybe you could too," he waved the carton at Ran, eyebrow raised.

Date: 2010-07-01 12:06 pm (UTC)
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Ran considered going back to his room - he didn't want to look at the memento his sister had left, not yet. The mission room didn't appeal to him either - he didn't want to be forced to deal with Ken's fallout if there was any on his own.

It was novel. The most mundane of invitations, and it was screaming "relationship" at him more than anything prior. Just following Yohji down, for a smoke, because they were going to go to the mission briefing - together.

He blinked a couple times, trying to assess how he felt about that, but gestured a gloved hand toward the doorway.

Date: 2010-07-01 06:57 pm (UTC)
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Yohji smiled, mildly surprised at Ran's compliance. He'd expected at least some degree of objection or criticism. The lack of complaint probably shouldn't be taken as a good thing.

Acknowledgement that smoking probably wouldn't get a chance to kill him.

He shoved the thought aside and strolled out the door. He was grateful for a few extra minutes alone with Ran, regardless of the implications.

[Yohji exits for Friday 1.21 by detour of a smoke break outside.]

Date: 2010-07-01 07:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] genuinelie.livejournal.com
[Ran follows Yohji, exits for Friday 1.21]


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