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Yohji continued his deliberately slow pace until he heard the start-up of Schwarz’s car. He listened closely, and as soon as he was certain that they were out of range he broke into a run.

Schwarz was at the Koneko while you were wasting time picking out movies. Idiot. Anything could have happened.

…You might have been back in time if you hadn’t chased after Prodigy.

Now that he had his attention all to himself, his mind wasted no time inventing horrendous scenes of what might have transpired in his absence. Schuldig had given his imagination plenty to work with from the kidnapping incident.

He was having trouble breathing. He was barely in any condition to walk; it was a wonder that he even managed to move still…

Somehow, in spite of it all, plastic DVD boxes still remained grasped in his hand. He all but threw them onto the stoop as he struggled to get the door open. Once through, he looked around frantically.

Everything seemed peaceful enough….

“--Hello?” he called out tentatively.
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It was late by the time Schuldig, Nagi and Farfarello returned. It had taken forever to find the right kind of cords that Nagi needed. Schuldig didn't get it. A cord was a cord, wasn't it? Oh well, leave the nerd stuff to the nerds. That's why he didn't bother with computers unless it was for porn. He was good at finding porn on the computer. It was really the only reason he had a laptop. Porn and video games.

"I'm going to check on the gimp." Schuldig chuckled as they walked inside, bouquet in hand. He had to admit, the Weiss boys did good work. The flowers weren't even wilted yet. Not bad considering it had been several hours since he'd purchased them.

"Brad..." He called as he knocked on the man's bedroom door. When he didn't get a response he opened the door, expecting to find Brad sleeping. Instead, the sheets were rumpled and the bed was empty. Alarms started going off in his head, and the blood spots on the floor near his feet only made them louder.

A deep frown crossed his lips as he followed the blood to the bathroom, and only pure willpower kept him from crying out when he found the man sprawled on the floor, dried blood on his face and in small pools on the floor, and one of Farfarello's tranquillizer needles empty and still stuck in his neck.

What might have caused this was the last thing on his mind. Right now, he had to make sure Brad was still alive. He closed the bathroom door quickly, though he doubted it would be long before Nagi and Farfarello noticed the blood trail and found them.

//Farf, keep Nagi away from the bathroom. Something happened to Brad.//

He knelt down beside the man, removing the syringe and checking for a pulse.
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Schuldig sighed as he exited the Koneko, smirking at the bouquet he purchased. He hoped Brad would appreciate the irony of the arrangement. But first he needed to find the eldest Weiss. He couldn't have gotten too far. From what he'd gathered, the man had left on foot, and hadn't been gone very long. So unless he went for a run, there was a fairly small radius the man could be in. A quick scan of the area would reveal his whereabouts. After all, the man was gorgeous, and didn't have very typical looks. He tended to stick out in peoples', especially women's, minds.

He shook a cigarette out and lit it, looking over at Farfarello with a tilt of his head and a grin, though the grin faded slightly as he found some rather disturbing images... a tall blond Japanese man chasing after a seemingly upset school boy.

"Shit." Schuldig growled, practically running to his car.

/Nagi. Where are you? Are you all right? You haven't killed Kudou, have you?/
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Ran ignored Yohji leaving with irritation. He hadn't waited for a response, which meant that Ran's time was already spoken for by unspoken agreement. Whether or not he would have.

And little things like this are why the others think you're an asshole. Obligations came with letting people into your life.

Something he already knew.

Aya-chan was away at school, Yohji was out. Ran leaned a hand on the counter and stared out the window. He considered going upstairs and practicing, then remembered his leg.

Maybe he would inventory their stock. Someone needed to do that.

Ran turned and realized with surprise that Ken hadn't left with Yohji.

"I just, well, he can barely stand me as is, so I don't do something dumb."

It hadn't been that long since their fight in the kitchen on Monday, though it felt as though it had been years. [OOC: LOL.] Everything Ken had said to him had echoed back to him with what he'd just said to Yohji.

Does Ken resent me so much? It was becoming apparent that even if he hadn't payed attention to much while his sister had been in her coma, the world around him, the people around him, had been affected by him despite that. The weight of that responsibility settled uncomfortably in his gut. Or had that been stress talking?

The mission and its aftermath had been like a dam breaking in the Koneko, for Ran. Despite the injuries and pain and countless mistakes, he had felt more grounded since that release.

He realized he had been staring at the brunette and unconsciously tightened his mouth out of annoyance at himself.
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Yohji’s suggestion for extended team quality time hardly elicited the enthusiastic response he’d hoped for. He met the flat non-reaction by bypassing Ran and Ken’s opportunity to object and volunteered himself for procuring some viewing material.

He was anxious to get out for a bit, anyway. He needed some sense of a return to normalcy after…the incident(s). Remaining the house-bound invalid was not the way to get there.

Although not a return to –too- much normalcy. Certain abnormal turns of events were very desirable….

Anyway, so he had announced that he would rent something and slipped out before anyone had a chance to tell him otherwise.

He really ought to have been completely on his guard as he walked towards the shop, all things considered. But Yohji was a little bit distracted rehashing in his mind Ken’s flippant commentary, Yohji Kudoh is a taken man….

It wasn’t a sentence he’d really expected to hear again in his lifetime.

He rather liked the sound of it.
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Despite all his misgivings over the forced nap, Nagi was dead to the world before he even managed to do more than taking off his shoes. He curled into the covers without pulling them over himself and slept soundly.
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Brad padded slowly through the living room, a scraggly ball of fur darting around his feet, batting wildly off target at the bottom of his sweat pants. With a sharp glance at their newest team member and a barely audible sigh he took a sip of coffee then placed the mug on the coffee table so he could assume his usual corner on the couch. He shifted once, then twice, trying to focus on the papers in his hand only to loose focus as tiny needles dug into the top of his foot. He shooed the multi colored miscreant away with a paper rustling bat at his tiny head. The little thing had decent reflexes though only suffering half a flick to his ear.

Miles scrambled away, scrawny legs splaying in all directions as he beelined under the chair across the room. He rounded up his courage and poked his head out just under the edge, unsure what had just happened voicing his confusion with a questioning 'MROW'?

Brad leered at ball of fur nearly daring it to try that stunt again. With a final glare he turned back to his stack of papers, realizing that he was entirely too uncomfortable to focus on the project. His ribs were throbbing steadily and still his lung ached with each breath. He grabbed a pillow from the far corner of the couch, leaned it into the arm of the couch then swung his long legs up and sprawled out. The ache is his ribs subsided considerably. He returned to reading through the mundane field reports, his eyes growing heavy much too quickly with the effort.

The tiny ball of fur ventured out from the safety of his hiding place, paced once or twice in front of Crawford's couch, then with a wiggle and two false starts launched his little self into Brad's lap with the minimal use of claws. Miles immediately began purring, a soft little sound with a bit of a hiccup in the end of it. Brad glanced around his papers but merely shifted into a bit more comfortable position jostling the kitten who simply dropped low until the momentary distubance was over. Miles circled on Brad's stomach a few times then moved to circle over his ribs finally settling into a tiny ball wedged between the back of the couch and Brad.

Brad cocked an eyebrow at Miles, unsure if he admired the tiny creature's bravery and tenacity or if it was just that demanding and unwilling to take no for an answer. Just like his namesake...

Brad bent an arm behind his head, intent to return to his reading but remembered nothing past that. The papers slowly dropped to his chest as he settled into the couch with one last wiggle of his shoulders. A shift of his head pulled his glasses slightly askew on his face and softly exhaled sigh escaped his lips as he drifted off into much needed sleep.
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The walk to the nearby ice cream store was made in silence. But it wasn't an awkward silence, but more a thoughtful one, created only because the two parties were most likely too tired to strike up an actual conversation.

Stepping into the store, Aya was cheered up immediately. The store was decorated in bright colors, and all sorts of sweets filled up the walls. It was like a little child's dreamland. And quite possibly a parent's worst nightmare.

"Last time I was here, it took forever for me to decide what to get," Aya commented to Omi, still glancing around in awe. "There are just so many choices."
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Sato blinked his eyes, wincing against the flourescent lighting that hit his eyes. Trained to assess first, then move, he pressed his fingers down until the metal bars and spare bedding convinced him he was in a hospital. He attempted to raise an arm. The straps there convinced him he was in a Kritiker hospital.

Not that they didn't trust him, one of their own agents. But after what most of them had seen -

Well. He couldn't blame them for their precaution.

The reasons behind the location of his body and pain that was now screaming at him for attention came back to him.

The disk.


Those men.

He had been set up?

If that were the case, he should be dead.

Those men hadn't killed him.


Sato frowned heavily, the expression sitting awkwardly on his usually pleasant features. There was a strong indication that someone hadn't obeyed orders. But it hadn't been Weiss - Weiss had delivered the disk quite punctually. He had no doubt that Bombay would have made copies before putting a hit out on him, and there was certainly no reason - by his own assessment, they were still loyal to their cause.

So then Johnson. Or someone else in Kritiker. But here he was in a Kritiker facility...

His headache was intensifying. He had no taste for this sort of business. He scanned the room and found his briefcase propped on a chair by the window. He relaxed marginally, then thumbed the red service button by his hand.

Unfortunately, he had less of a taste for being killed, or allowing some defect to take down the company he loved.

The nurse appeared at the door. "Wonderful! You're awake, Mr. Sato!"

He nodded, slowly, and gave her a sweet smile. "I was wondering if you would be so kind as to hand me my briefcase..."
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Schuldig sighed as he sat down on the fire escape, his legs dangling over the side as he leaned against the railing. It wasn't coincidence that his room was the one with access to the fire escape. He was pretty sure Brad had planned that one so he could come and go as he pleased at all hours without waking anyone. Or maybe simply to keep him from bitching that he didn't have the room with the fire escape.

He shook out a cigarette, catching it between his lips and pulling it the rest of the way out before setting the pack down beside him. With a flick of his lighter and the hiss of burning paper, he inhaled deeply, savoring the first rush of nicotine for the day.

Sharp blue eyes scanned over the city, while fidgeting limbs swung back and forth. It had been a hectic 24 hours, though granted it was entirely his own doing. Well.. almost entirely. Brad was the one who'd sent him to the Koneko in the first place. But kidnapping the blond, bringing him home and to some extent Brad's horrifying vision...

He shook his head, exhaling a puff of smoke.

At least he'd gotten laid. By Brad. A wicked smile curled on his lips as he remembered that. He'd finally gotten his claws into the unmovable Brad Crawford, and he didn't plan on letting go any time soon.

He sat for a long while, smoking and thinking. When his first cigarette was gone, he shook out another and started the process over.
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Nagi entered Crawford's office silently, putting the briefcase he'd just picked up on the desk and taking his place in one of the chairs.

The boy looked tired and young, almost as young as he really was. It was easy to see that he had once again not had enough sleep, despite Farfarello's sending him back to bed that morning. Three hours on a keyboard just didn't suffice as real sleep, and another three hours in a real bed weren't enough to make up for the lack of sleep as well as the emotional rollercoaster that the previous day had been.

After a moment Nagi straightened up though, all traces of of sleep vanashing except for the bags under his eyes. He had a mission to do.

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Omi found himself thinking yet again that life was not fair and had to mentally scold himself. He of all people should know that life was anything but fair. So there really was no reason to be complaining about it. And everything he currently didn't think was fair was his own fault to begin with. Like having to sit through class and try not to fall asleep, pay attention to his teacher while his mind was still running over everything else that had been going on.

//It's a wonder I don't have grey hair by now. I need to stop worrying so much about every tiny detail.// Omi thought to himself as he rested his head on his arms that were currently crossed over his desk. Omi knew he had fallen alseep before the dream had even started. It followed the basic pattern that his dreams did whenever he had a lot on his mind. Everything that had happened recently snowballed together.

Omi was walking through a hallway viewing everything that had happened as if it were a movie. But everything seemed ten times worse this time through, maybe because no matter how hard he tried he couldn't make it through to help his team members from getting hurt. First Yohji, then Ran. Who was next? Ken? Or would something happen to Aya-chan? As Omi approched the last window he looked through it but before he could see anything clearly he felt something open up under his feet and he was falling.

"NOOOOOO!" Omi screamed his eyes snapping open when he felt himself hit the floor. He felt everyone in class watching him as he stared at the ceiling trying to remember where he was and why he was here.

"Is there a problem Tsukiyono?" The teacher asked. Omi sat up and looked around before looking at the teacher and shaking his head.

"No...sorry sir." Omi climbed back into his seat and sat there quietly until everyone was paying attention to the teacher again. Omi was able to stay awake until he heard the bell. The whole time thinking he should have just gone back to bed that morning.

(OOC: this post is a little pointless, but I wanted to do something with Omi.)

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Yohji quietly watched the hours slide by, his surprise at Ran’s continued presence failing to wear off, in spite of it being only the last in a long line of unexpected behavior. He should be getting used to it by now, the concept that Ran wasn’t half as predictable as he’d always assumed. It would probably take substantial time to really adjust to that though; Yohji had years of assumptions to overwrite.

Nonetheless, the unexpectedness of it gave Yohji difficultly in believing things would last. So he remained in bed, stubbornly refusing to leave so long as Ran was willing to stay as well, his subconscious convinced that such a moment wasn’t likely to give him a repeat performance. It was probably simply a testament to how badly Ran had been injured….

Eventually though, the daylight started to fade, and the sustenance of breakfast had long worn off. When Ran finally pushed reluctantly out of bed Yohji couldn’t reasonably contend it. He took his time in following though, appreciating the view of the younger man collecting his clothes and carefully dressing himself.

It pained him to see Ran’s awkward limping movements. And it was almost certainly his fault Ran had been shot. He covered his frown at the thought by rummaging in his bedside table drawer, in search of a replacement lighter. He found it and a pack of cigarettes as well. He dressed himself quickly, shoving both hastily in his pocket.

When Ran left, Yohji guessed it was to check on the shop, or his sister, or more likely both. He decided to make an appearance in the shop too, although with no intention of actually working. But first he was far overdue on a rendezvous with his smoking habit, of which he’d had particular difficultly indulging lately.

He silently slipped out the back door and sat down on the steps, a grin on his face as he lit up.
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Ran set the bowl of uneaten oatmeal on the table by the couch and sat down gingerly, folding his hands in his lap. He wished he could draw his legs beneath him and meditate.

He didn't understand why Yohji had gotten to him that much. Yohji was just teasing, Yohji always teased.

It was just that the things Yohji was teasing about now, Ran knew held a note of truth.

Even if they were little things, meaningless things, even if the words held a compliment and even if Ran knew that Yohji had truly not been flirting with his sister.

Ran was used to protecting the people - the person, as it had been for so long - he cared about, even from these people whom he lived with, considered his friends and even family in some small way. He had guarded how he really felt about his life for so long. Even the small glimpses Yohji was offering the others on his behalf, without his permission, felt like a gross invasion of his privacy.

Ran looked down at his hands.

But they were his friends, and they still lived together. It would be impossible to hide something like what Yohji was trying to start from them for long.

Ran let out a small sigh, and closed his eyes.

...perhaps he had been wrong to have taken it the way he did.

...but Yohji had still been trying to make him uncomfortable, and had seemed singlemindedly bent on revealing what had happened. And remembering what had happened made his breathing catch.

Ran sighed quietly again.
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Farfarello grumbled to himself as he left the precog's bedroom to head into the kitchen, figuring he'd distract himself there. He started pulling things out of the fridge and cupboards, putting pans on the stove. If Schu and Crawford were both hurting from a vision and Nagi was wiped from being up all night, they could all probably use a large meal, so he started making pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast, knowing it would probably all get eaten.

Every now and then he could be heard grumbling about annoying telepaths and stuck-up precogs, but from the frown on his lips and the look in his eye, it was more concern than genuine annoyance. He didn't like being left out of the loop, didn't like not knowing what was going on and affecting his family. He didn't like being treated as though he couldn't handle what was happening; he could. The worst that would happen is that he'd be pissed off and try to kill whoever fucked with his family.

He wasn't fragile or going to break damnit. And, no, he wasn't pouting.

It didn't actually take long for him to finish breakfast, despite the fact that he had a kitten twining around his feet the majority of the time, and he was soon walking down the hallway to Nagi's room, walking inside and going to the youth, shaking him gently.

"Nagi, wake up.. Breakfast is ready.." He sent a little mental 'poke' to Schuldig, saying the same thing, and asking him if they wanted him to simply keep a couple plates warm for them, or if they were joining them for breakfast.
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(But a noble cause nonetheless)

Nagi woke up feeling groggy, his pillow feeling suspiciously much like a keyboard and the crick in his neck felt suspiciously like what one usually felt when falling asleep while sitting in a chair.
What had he been doing last night that'd caught his attention so much? Nagi took a moment to rewind. The last he'd looked on a clock, it was past five in the morning... He'd felt the need to rest his head, just for a moment. Before that... Before that he'd been hacking. Hacking into high security Kritiker files...
His eyes shot open and his head up as he stared at his screen. Thank god, he'd at least had the presence of mind to log himself out of the data-base. It really wouldn't do to get caught in there. He sighed and blearilly looked around the room. His desk was littered with empty coffee-cups and energy drink-cans. The chair Farf had been sitting in last night was vacated and- Nagi double-checked. A soft mewling could be heard from his left pant-leg.
He looked down and there was the cat, staring up at him with soulful eyes, as if certain that Nagi would know what to do for him.

Still feeling far from fantastic - a quick glance at the clock in the bottom of his screen told him he'd had about three hours of sleep - Nagi picked the little thing up and cradeled it in his arms the way Farf had shown him. Carefully carrying the small animal, he made his way to the kitchen and livingroom in search for Farf and something that would stop the kitten from mewling so pittyfully.
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[someone will come, Aya! We concluded there'd be a chunk missing without a wakeup post though...]

Ran woke later than he would usually choose to the sun in his eyes. He tried to throw his arm across his face and found it hindered by the deadweight of a body. Coupled with an all-encompassing ache, he very nearly concluded a mission had gone wrong.

Panicked, he nearly attacked his bedmate. Blonde hair at the edge of his peripheral vision and the other man snuggling into him saved Yohji.

Ran let his head fall back against the pillow. He was too warm under the blankets, but Yohji had clamped himself down, as if even in sleep he was aware Ran might bolt. The feel of Yohji's lanky frame pressing into him wasn't unwelcome, however - only startling.

He'd made a realization the night before.

Either he had to accept Aya's ultimatum and finish things - or he had to realize that however he felt inside, he was no longer alone. Aya depended on him to be present for her. Not just as a protector, not just as an avenger, but as her brother. He still loved her as her brother.

He wasn't sure how Yohji factored into his life. The other man had seemed to have decided Ran was completely un-self-aware, however, and as last night had proved, Yohji had been partially right. Without his consent, he had formed an attachment to the other man. How could something like that happen without his knowledge?

He had no idea what the blond saw in him. As far as he could tell, the man could have anyone he chose, except perhaps for Manx. Why choose Ran? He wasn't fun. He wasn't interesting. He was irritable. Ran couldn't find a single thing, except possibly for his appearance, to draw Yohji to him.

Yohji seemed to be still asleep. Safe from detection, he looked down at the man's sleeping face.

He looked calm.

He wanted Yohji to be happy. Fuck. Which had to mean he cared, which had to mean he couldn't go back to...not this.

Ran resigned himself to staying in bed a few moments longer. Sneakily, he placed a barely-there kiss into Yohji's hair.

The first he'd done something like that, to anyone. The first he'd woken up not alone with anyone but a family member.

He found he didn't object to it.
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When Schuldig left Nagi's room, he made a bee line for Brad's room. After checking on the man to make sure he was still breathing, and nothing terrible had happened in the half an hour or so that he was gone, he crawled back into bed beside the precog, cuddling up beside him and promptly falling asleep.

His dreams were filled with visions and memories, all revolving around himself and Brad. He wouldn't remember most of it when he woke up. His mind was trained for chaos. The upside was that since most of his dreams were either his own, Brad's, or a mixture of the two, it actually made it much easier to sleep peacefully, rather than having to struggle with the thoughts and dreams of a complete stranger.

When he awoke late in the morning the next day, it occurred to him that he didn't think he'd ever slept so well.

Though he would have to do something about Brad's hard as a rock bed.
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Aya had finally fallen asleep after tossing and turning in her bed for a good hour. When she awoke the next morning, the first thing she saw was the small pocket knife she'd carelessly thrown next to her alarm clock. That significantly darkened her day.

Sighing to herself, she pulled herself out of bed and took a quick shower, then got dressed for school. There was still enough time for breakfast, and Aya wasn't really in a hurry to get to school, of all things. She fixed a large pot of oatmeal - just in case the others decided to get up - and settled down in a chair with a cup of juice.
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