Mar. 10th, 2009

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Brad padded slowly through the living room, a scraggly ball of fur darting around his feet, batting wildly off target at the bottom of his sweat pants. With a sharp glance at their newest team member and a barely audible sigh he took a sip of coffee then placed the mug on the coffee table so he could assume his usual corner on the couch. He shifted once, then twice, trying to focus on the papers in his hand only to loose focus as tiny needles dug into the top of his foot. He shooed the multi colored miscreant away with a paper rustling bat at his tiny head. The little thing had decent reflexes though only suffering half a flick to his ear.

Miles scrambled away, scrawny legs splaying in all directions as he beelined under the chair across the room. He rounded up his courage and poked his head out just under the edge, unsure what had just happened voicing his confusion with a questioning 'MROW'?

Brad leered at ball of fur nearly daring it to try that stunt again. With a final glare he turned back to his stack of papers, realizing that he was entirely too uncomfortable to focus on the project. His ribs were throbbing steadily and still his lung ached with each breath. He grabbed a pillow from the far corner of the couch, leaned it into the arm of the couch then swung his long legs up and sprawled out. The ache is his ribs subsided considerably. He returned to reading through the mundane field reports, his eyes growing heavy much too quickly with the effort.

The tiny ball of fur ventured out from the safety of his hiding place, paced once or twice in front of Crawford's couch, then with a wiggle and two false starts launched his little self into Brad's lap with the minimal use of claws. Miles immediately began purring, a soft little sound with a bit of a hiccup in the end of it. Brad glanced around his papers but merely shifted into a bit more comfortable position jostling the kitten who simply dropped low until the momentary distubance was over. Miles circled on Brad's stomach a few times then moved to circle over his ribs finally settling into a tiny ball wedged between the back of the couch and Brad.

Brad cocked an eyebrow at Miles, unsure if he admired the tiny creature's bravery and tenacity or if it was just that demanding and unwilling to take no for an answer. Just like his namesake...

Brad bent an arm behind his head, intent to return to his reading but remembered nothing past that. The papers slowly dropped to his chest as he settled into the couch with one last wiggle of his shoulders. A shift of his head pulled his glasses slightly askew on his face and softly exhaled sigh escaped his lips as he drifted off into much needed sleep.


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