Jul. 26th, 2010

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The sun was just starting to set - a red glow burning the edges of the scattered clouds in the Tokyo sky.

Ran and Yohji parked in an alleyway with an exit on both ends, close enough for their (hopefully unneeded) getaway, hidden enough for their approach. There were conveniently placed dumpsters blocking the car from view. The skyrises to either side were offices - the chance of an employee working late seeing them was less of a risk than if the buildings had been residences. It was an easy start to the mission.

Ran had remained silent during the drive. He wondered if he would regret any of the words he wasn't saying, and clenched his teeth at himself for his thoughts. Preemptive goodbyes were not his style, and neither were false reassurances.

If they could only find the source of the alleged sound before it was played, Ran was confident that he - Abysinnian - would be able to take them out. If not him, the others were just as competent, as long as they could keep themselves from being distracted. They had all been up against worse.

Distraction was the other reason Ran kept his mouth shut. He wanted Yohji focused, not dwelling on anything he might have conveyed too hastily.

Ran got out and shut the car door with an unintentional flourish of his coat, giving Yohji an efficient nod before heading to comply with Omi's directions.

"Bombay - we're at location. Anything before cutting contact?"

He held the earplugs between his gloved forfinger and thumb, waiting for the go-ahead.


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