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May. 17th, 2009 06:20 pm
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(I know Schwarz is like, way ahead of Weiss, but Drae and I are impatient. So... sorry. :D)

Schuldig stirred slowly, drawing in a deep breath from his nose. The first thing he noticed was the faint smell of blood, though it was several hours old. Dull and coppery. He frowned and opened his eyes, sighing softly when he saw Brad. Of course. He must have missed a spot on the man the night before.

Carefully, he reached a hand up to Brad's neck, checking for a pulse. Sure Brad was warm, but a body could stay warm for a surprisingly long time after it died. He just needed to have that physical affirmation that the man hadn't passed away during the night.

The beat was there, strong and steady as ever. He sighed and let his head drop against Brad's shoulder. All he could think was Thank God.

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The hand to his neck illicited a response though it was not the usual fast instinctual reflex that it should have been. A slow halting reach finally connected with the hand at his neck, long fingers wrapping around Schuldig's hand, gripping tight, as Brad's eyes lulled open. The morphine was working its way out of his system but he still felt like his head had been dipped in molasses. No pain though. The morphine had seen to that.

Once he realized the hand at his neck wasn't a threat he assessed the rest of his situation - and relaxed as his eyes fell on the mop of red hair on his shoulder. His other hand slid up Schuldig's back, wrapping solidly around his ribs. Brad exhaled heavily as he sank fully back into his pillows. He was still a bit groggy but after a minute to assess his condition decided that he had never slept so soundly - or entirely silently - before. No dreams. No visions. Just a big empty block of lost time. It was mildly alarming but, he quickly concluded, that was one of the biggest reasons he never relied on sedation in the first place. It felt entirely wrong.

Brad pulled the hand at his neck down to his chest and, with a miniscule wince, repositioned it below the bruise still aching there. He didn't release it though, adjusting his grip so his fingers rested comfortably curled in Schuldig's palm.

'When we find him, I want you to strip every last scrap of information out of Johnson's head. I want him bleeding from his eyesockets before you're done."

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"Like beating my knuckles to bare bone on Johnson's skull."

Immediately Brad was shuffling through the mental list of organizations with the means and the incentive to fund this project of Johnson's. Even if this was Johnson's ... or Jensen's... personal vendetta he still would have needed considerable resources to see it through to this stage of completion. There were only a handful of scientists that could even comprehend this type of work and, as far as Brad knew, they were all formerly in the employ of Esset and Rosenkreuz exclusively.

And whoever it was now had a generalized location on Schwarz.

All the more reason to try and put Weiss to work on this for them.

He dismissed those thoughts with a heavy exhale.

"How did Nagi's night end?" That suddenly was all important. After all, the last time the girl was involved, she conveniently supplied the impetus for Nagi to spike his talent to its full potential. They couldn't have her lingering, risking that sort of cataclysmic reaction again.

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It was still disconcerting to think that his well being actually meant THAT much to the boy. They spent years coaxing Nagi out of his shell. They had to. The plan to kill the elders and bring down Esset absolutely relied on it. And in the process, they had all let themselves get attached to the boy. It was what solidified them as a team but, in a way, it was also their one fatal flaw. If anyone ever figured out exactly how much they cared for one another, shit would start to hit the proverbial fan.

"Time to hire a maid..." Brad put his fingers under Schuldig's chin to lift his face and steal a kiss.

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Brad lay there on top of Schuldig, a dead weight for a long few minutes before he began to stir. He hadn't felt so entirely sated since the death of the elders. He leaned up on his elbows, softly brushing a few stray strands of hair from Schuldig's face,the first flutterings of gratitude crossing the open channel of their mental link before Brad raised his defensives.

It was undignified to entertain such soft feelings.

Slowly, Brad realized exactly what he done for the sake of satiation. He also realized that Schuldig made no move whatsoever to stop him. Or even question him. He brushed his fingers over Schuldig's cheek leaning in to kiss him softly before slowly, almost gingerly, rolling to the redhead's side. He reached to pull the comforter up and over them both before finding a comfortable position on his side, elbow perched on the pillow.

Again, his fingers found a few unruly locks of fiery hair to brush aside, toying lightly with them as he processed all that had just happened.

"I don't know what you expect from... this... but I doubt I'm going to ever be 'boyfriend' material." The very word was obviously difficult for him to say out loud. Somehow, Brad just expected Schuldig to want happily ever after and he just knew he wasn't capable of delivering that sort of commitment for a variety of reasons. He was certain, this little episode just proved as much.

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Flowers wilted, dead and sitting in a pool of blood... yes, it did seem ironically apropo.

"Flowers are dead as soon as they are cut. I doubt Weiss chose that cover operation for its poetic sardonicism."

Concentrating on weiss was much more comfortable than the previous conversation.

"So I take it that the suggestion is planted and Balinese's memory sufficently wiped?" Brad rolled to his back as well, letting himself get comfortable. It was a wait and see game, at least for the morning. It would give Weiss time to ask questions and give Mamoru the time to go digging for what they needed to know.

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"...slipped... your mind?" Brad looked over, the relaxed look of satisfaction on his face fading.

"You do realize exactly what will happen if Balinese reports his findings to Kritiker, don't you?" Brad was quietly incredulous. "How they will change their tactics when facing us?"

This was a troubling turn of events even if Brad could understand the reasons why Schuldig had failed to complete yet another idiotically simple mission. More and more he was being too easily distracted.

Nagi - how on earth did he happen to cross paths with that particular ghost? The girl should have been dead. But routine follow up after Masafumi's mansion was imploded by Nagi never did yeild Tot's body. Farfarello did not miss. The girl was dead. Brad didn't know how she came back (his vision pointed to the girl being the real deal) but this little blue haired loose end needed to be cut away before the whole ball of string unravelled.

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It shouldn't matter. Weiss and Kritiker were supposedly the polar opposite of the elders and Esset.They shouldn't be looking to use something like connections, relationships, or feelings against an opponent. As far as the other team was concerned they were unfeeling monsters and sex was just sex after all.

A small vision encroached on his thoughts, Abyssinian in a conversation with Schuldig about this very thing... and oddly enough, Schuldig was schooling the other redhead in emotional attachments...

But now that Crawford was aware that Balinese had feelings for Abyssinian he would use that information to best effect. Wield it like a weapon if need be. He expected no less from his adversaries.

"It would... make sure it gets done this time." The affirmation was offhanded at best. Brad was busy examining this issue - he never really had before and now that he thought into it, it had been entirely lax of him to not have considered the impact of appearances in their interactions with Kritiker and Weiss.

"They have already seen evidence of how we operate, how this team regards its own. I think they have let themselves be blinded by their moral outrage. It's convenient but I won't rely on it."

When they had to retrieve Farfarello from Weiss's grip... that had been a dead giveaway. At least Brad thought that their emotional liability to the Irishman was all too apparent in that scenario. Kritiker had put the contract out on Farfarello during a particularly bad break - Crawford should have cut their losses and left the Irishman to his fate. The field office had questioned his sanity in even thinking of attempting a rescue. Farfarello was always seen as little more than a liability by Rosenkruez, by Esset and by most rational people in general. And they were right. He was lethal and unpredictable. But the Irishman was theirs.

No one, other than the three of them, ever saw his lucid moments, the stability of the team bringing that out of him more often than not. He was wickedly smart and Crawford thoroughly enjoyed their long games of chess. He was a partner in crime for Schuldig's more creative diversions and he was the overprotective big brother Nagi needed to be brought out of his shell.

Brad never hesitated when his visions alerted him to the danger the madman was facing. And Weiss seemingly never picked up on that fact. The elders surely did. In those final days their suspicions had been roused - all those years of careful planning were nearly foiled by nothing but an emotional reaction for a team member that wasn't even essential to the final act.

It may just be a knee jerk reaction but Crawford was almost certain that now that he had finally acted on his desires, his attachment to Schuldig was as clear as day. He would never be able to shake the need to hide what he cherished lest it be taken away. That damage had been done long ago and he wasn't even consciously aware of it.

"We do not know who will come looking for us or when they will find us. I do not want potential ammunition floating around in the ether for anyone to find and use against us. We can only trust each other..." Brad wrapped an arm around the redhead, pulling him tighter against him. He almost hated how quickly he was becoming accustom to it already.

He looked to the redhead, casual and relaxed, comfortable with this new scenario between them so quickly. He envied that ability to just leave fate to work its will unchecked. To simply accept and to do so without concern. But it was Brad's constant vigilance that had gotten them this far. He couldn't afford the same luxury he so willing provided for his team.

"... and I think you have already figured out... I do not share." A small smirk accompanied that thought rousing him from a much too serious, self imposed mood.

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Brad smirked, a silent chuckle rocking his chest.

"Mass murder is Farfarello's specialty, not mine."

And in all honesty, he could care less about the long list of faceless people Schuldig amused himself with. He was confident that in each and every encounter, it was Schuldig that was in control, simply toying with them until they ceased to amuse him any further. It was just those few times when he had relinquished his control - when he gave his trust - to someone else, that Brad found grated on his nerves. The fact that all of those men were obviously fantasy replacements for himself was not enough to totally placate his possessive streak.

"I don't care who you fuck... but no one fucks you. No one but me. Not anymore. Is that acceptable?" Brad could live with that arrangement so long as Schuldig didn't flaunt it in his face. He may even need to give in to the urge for female company himself once in awhile. After all, if it hadn't been for Rosenkruez, there was no doubt that Brad would have been and remained painfully straight. He enjoyed the feel of a woman just a bit too much to give it up entirely.

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And just that fast, Schuldig was instantly fulfilling another of those fantasies Brad would never dare entertain. On his knees... and damn happy about it... the sight of that alone started arousing his interest again.

Not a single moment of hesitation either. The redhead was more than comfortable, his hands entirely sure in what they were doing. The suggestion of what he would soon be doing was enough to make Brad take a half step back for the support of the tiled shower wall. He tilted his hips, parting his legs just that extra bit to provide dextrous fingers the access they needed to do a thorough job.

Brad bit back half a moan as it escaped his lips.

There was something entirely pervasive about Schuldig... on his knees...


No one else.

Brad locked a dark stare on the redhead, again the possessiveness welled up much too easily. If Schuldig EVER even THOUGHT of doing this to anyone else, Brad would murder the intended and his entire family just to make his point. THIS was his. Schuldig would kneel for no one else for any reason. But especially not for this.

"Clean?" Brad chuckled once to himself. Somehow that just didn't feel like a word he would use to characterize anything between himself and Schuldig. "I should probably be worried about this 'something else' considering your creativity..."

Brad was too focused on Schuldig's minstrations to call up a vision on the subject. He rather thought he'd like to be suprised in this situation.

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Brad couldn't peel his eyes away. He didn't know how Schuldig knew about these particular buttons but he was pushing them so hard Brad didn't even realize he had no words in return. As Schuldig made the offer, Brad's only response was a heavy sigh, his eyes lulling shut as his head listed back against the wall. His hand immediately found Schuldig's head, resting there, his fingers restlessly gripping and releasing their hold.

He hadn't expected Schuldig's hands to wander. He didn't know what to make of tender gesture - confused but relishing the feel of his hands making careful work of washing him. Brad logically knew this was no longer only about the sex. At some very basic level, he realized Schuldig was never his more than he was at this moment.

Brad never heard the low soft sounds he made in response, almost pained in his confusion.

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A seething breath followed in the wake of the light scratches, terminating in an involuntary twitch of a shiver as blunt nails dragged over his ribs. It was perhaps Brad's best kept secret - he was slightly ticklish in a select few spots. The ribs just happened to be one of them.
He distinctly tried to quell the reaction - trust would never come easily. It was a secret he held close for far too long.

That effort was wasted the moment Schuldig's lips connected. For a brief moment, everything ceased to exist except the feel of Schuldig engaging in this final act of submission. Brad was transfixed by the sight, still blissfully unaware of the sounds that were being so easily coaxed from him. He grabbed solidly at Schuldig's head, palming his skull simply following his lead for now.

This was more than just a button for Brad. It was THE button. The ultimate act of submission. In his own personal code of conduct, this was the one act he would NEVER consider, the act of a subordinate to their master. From this moment forward, Schuldig would be forbidden to give this to anyone else - he would bow to no one. Together, neither of them would ever have to bow to anyone ever again.

Brad gripped the base of his cock, guiding the head over Schuldig's lips and tongue. Pulled away to caress his jaw with the swollen head.

// ... no one else... //

Brad slid his cock between Schuldig's waiting lips once more, the groan it pulled from him finally audible to his own ears.

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Brad made short work of the rest of his shower, silently testing the boundries of his control over his visions while he scrubbed the remaining dried blood from his scalp. His control hadn't been the issue last night. The depth and scope of his visions was changing and until this spike in his talent evened out, he could never be sure exactly what his visions would bring.

He stepped from the shower, his legs much steadier. He tossed a towel in Schuldig's direction before turning to the counter to resume his normal morning routine that had fallen by the wayside the past few days. With half a scowl on his face he ran a hand over the scratchy stubble along his jaw, disappointed by his own disheveled appearance. A thorough shave was first on the agenda.

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Nagi's voice sounded groggy and distinctly not happy when he finally answered Schuldig. One might possibly even say... Whiny. Of course, the telikinetic would never admit to such a thing.

//He must not really want to wake up then... Can't you make it? You're obviously very awake...//

The last bit was coloured with quite a bit of vindictiveness as well.

Than, after a moment in which Nagi obviously pondered things, his mental voice sounded again, obviously peeved.

//Damn it! If you want me to wake up than you have to give me some of your coffee...//

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