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Yohji took his time climbing down the staircase, wishing not for the first time that it was an enclosed one. He wanted to linger a little and eavesdrop on the continued discussion. Test how paranoid he was being with his assumption that Omi was trying to remove him from the room.

That would be entirely too obvious.

He threw himself on the couch and dialed their handler's number. He didn't bother with Omi's phone.

"Sato?" He asked cautiously at the sound of the line connecting. Although he had already had the contact information, he hadn't had a reason to actually try reaching the agent himself yet. This would be his first time speaking to the other man over the phone.

In the moment it took for his question to be confirmed, Yohji found himself absently wondering at the fact that that he knew this man's name. Even someone as high up the ranks as Persia had a codename. As if there weren't enough elements present feeding his suspicions.

"Balinese." There was no reason to waste words here. "A rather attractive lady is looking for you. She hadn't heard about your unfortunate demise. You might want to...stop by."

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There was a long pause before Sato's voice filtered back over the phone.

"Really?" Surprise was evident in the man's usually placid tone. So was the slight trace of a slur. "Just to plan ahead, cherry is the flavor of the day, I presume. It's been out of stock for a while."

There was another lengthy pause. "I suppose no other guests came?"

Date: 2009-11-25 03:28 am (UTC)
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"...I see. Well." Sato could be heard lightly clearing his throat. "Yes, yes. Well. I think I should come. Yes, I can be there in an hour."

A click signalled that Sato had ended the call.


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