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Manx knew she was leaving the boys in a tough situation. She could only provide so much guidance. she was not their mother - she wasn't even their handler. She hoped they considered her a friend but at moments like this, she felt more like judge, jury and executioner.

She would have to work quickly to try and round them up some support - discreet, off-the-Kritiker-radar support. She had been out of Japan long enough that her civilian contacts had grown a bit rusty.

As she exited the Koneko, she gave a wary glance around the street. She had convinced herself that Thea had only been giving her a warning for letting herself grow lax. But maintaining these mental shields was proving to be exhausting. She gave a moments attention to her fledgling shields and headed for the street to hail a cab.

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Schuldig backed out of the alley and pulled up beside Manx, rolling the window down and peering out at her. The car wreaked of smoke, and it was obvious that he had been sitting for a while.

"We need to talk." He said, eyeing her up and down in assessment. This could go very right, or very wrong, but Schuldig never was one for consequences. "Get in."

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Schuldig couldn't help but laugh a little at the assessment of his age. He supposed that by normal standards, he was in fact fairly young. Most men... boys... his age were more worried about school and getting their first jobs and finding a date.

Okay, he still liked the dating part. But other than that, he really had nothing in common with anyone his age. He really had nothing in common with anyone period. Hell, considering the things he'd seen and done, sometimes he just forgot just how young he was.

But that wasn't the point.

"I heard quite a bit, but oddly, nothing from you other than what you said." He motioned to the seat. "Very odd for a normal like you. Nothing that could keep me out if I really wanted, but effective enough to bypass a casual sweep." He raised an eyebrow. "But I suppose our friend Thea helped you with that little trick."

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"Long enough to see the Fujimiya girl being carted off by a former Esset employee. I wonder what Ran might think of that." He smirked at Manx. "But then, I can't just walk in and talk to those four like you can, at least not with a lot of trouble and headache. This was easier. Just like I could bulldoze your shields and take the information that I want. But I would rather talk."

He leaned back in his seat and pulled away from the curb, driving in a random direction. She didn't need to know all of his reasons for doing what he did. Hopefully his lack of mind fucking her would show that he had some respect for her.

"But I think you're trying to avoid the subject. Tell me how you know Thea." He had his theories, but based on her classification of Talents as Human and not Tools or Resources or Things, he assumed that she worked with them on some level. Maybe recruiting, maybe more. But she at least had more insight than the others.

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Schuldig chuckled softly. "That's part of why Schwarz was so good for Esset. Every team would love to have an Oracle. Unfortunately for them, most Precognitives go insane very early on." He purposefully gave up a little more information than was necessary. A little morsel of goodwill or something like that. A little information that she might not have had before.

He almost wanted to ask who the others were, but realized that it really didn't matter. If they were dead then they weren't good enough, and not worth wasting his time wondering about. Thea had survived, and he wasn't surprised. She was a damn good telepath... at least, good for her level.

"So you just happened to be in Singapore and happened to find yourself in the middle of a fight involving a rogue team and a retrieval unit?" He raised an eyebrow. "I think someone is not telling me something. You said Kritiker has a talent in their employ. Where there is one, there is usually more. Like Mr. Sato said, we're an excellent resource to be used." He kept his voice even and calm as he said the words. Hell, he'd heard things like that his entire life, even believed it for a while. Rosenkreuz had wanted to break them down until they saw that they were less than human, and the only place they could possibly belong was with the organization. All they had was each other, but they didn't even have that because everyone was so desperate to prove themselves worthy that anyone would happily stab you in the back to climb up the ladder...

He lit up another cigarette, offering the pack to Manx. He tried not to think about Rozenkruez, but he'd spent the majority of his life behind those walls. He'd learned everything there. It was hard to banish it from his thoughts.

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"You scoure the globe looking for teams that defected or went rogue after the downfall of Esset and bring them into Kritiker." He sighed and shook his head. "Trading one master for another."

He tucked his cigarettes away, taking a long drag as he watched Manx think. He could hear the wheels turning in her head, but didn't pry. He knew a thing or two about trust, though he didn't trust many people. In fact, only three.

"Why did we do it?" He asked, then shrugged. "We're not as different from regular people as you might think. In the end, we want the same things most people want. We just want to be left alone to live. And if people need to die for that to happen..." he shrugged again. "Better them than us."

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"Save the salespitch." Schuldig frowned suddenly. "I'm not interested."

He was quiet for a while, resisting the urge to throw her out of the car and run screaming. Brad had seen Schwarz and Weiss working together, but he doubted very much that had included becoming a part of Kritiker. And he really had no desire to work for anyone else. It had taken this long to finally be rid of Esset and Rosenkreuz, and the majority of that had been Brad's doing.

He finally spoke again, his voice a bit softer. "No, I probably don't. But I do know better than to accept anymore offers from big organizations offering me 'something better'." He glanced at Manx again. "Besides, you have someone manufacturing those discs right under your noses and can't even find him. Why would Schwarz lower ourselves to that sort of incompetence?"

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"I would suggest getting those boys to the theater tonight. Someone is going to use the disk there tonight. Maybe we'll all benefit from it." He said. He wasn't sure exactly how much information he should give. After all, they didn't need Kritiker up in their business anymore than they already were. Frankly, he would be quite happy to forget about all of this and get on the next plane to a sunny, tropical destination where he could lay on the beach and drink Mai Tais for the rest of his life. Or at least until he got bored.

"If you can catch whoever is going to use the disk, I would be willing to come see what they know." He finally offered. "I'm sure you have other telepaths that work with you. But I can guarantee you that they're not as good as I am."

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Schuldig smirked at her dumbfounded look, knowing that his offer would be a bit of a shock. But the redhead was smart, quickly realizing his motives were not completely altruistic. But the gaping, wide-eyed look was still amusing, especially once she realized what she looked like.

"No, their lives are hardly our concern. But we do want to know more about the disk." He said. "For once our goals and your goals coincide with each other. And with all of the people Kritiker is going to kill... we thought it would be more... appropriate if Weiss went in. After all, this isn't our mess. For once." He smirked again.

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"We know what the disk does. We know that people will die tonight because of the disk. I don't know if it is anything official on your end or not." He was quiet for a while, trying to decide how much more he should give her. Too much and Kritiker might have their number. Too little and he wouldn't be able to convince her to get Weiss off of their asses to go do what needed to be done.

"Oracle had a vision about tonight." He slowly offered. "It was vivid, and managed to physically hurt him, which is very unusual." He kept his tone deliberate, making sure she would catch a hint of worry. Something she could use to judge his sincerity. "We want to know what is happening just as much as you do. We want this project stopped, and we want to be left alone."

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He gave a slight smile. It wasn't unusual for talents to request being left alone. It was hard having everyone after you all the time because they want to use you. Sometimes even Schuldig forgot that behind the telepathic monster he was still a human.

"No. I have no idea. More than one, and slightly less than all of them, I would imagine." He answered, banishing the melancholy thoughts. He was a professional, and he was above emotions like that, especially with the enemy sitting next to him in his car.

Though he was starting to get the feeling that she wasn't going to shoot him anymore. Not without thinking about it first, anyway.

"Oracle knows more about it than he lets on, I believe. I would rather not know, because if I did, I would probably kill myself." He said, and it was true. He would rather be dead than go back to Esset, and he was pretty sure Esset knew that. After all, they had been willing to die in order to escape.

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"Yeah, he's a real humanitarian like that." Schuldig scoffed. It was getting a little too After School Special in his car, and he didn't like it. Manx was starting to put her nose where it didn't belong, and he was afraid he'd already said too much.

And he refused to believe that Schwarz wasn't being looked for. He knew how Esset and Rosenkreuz worked. And on the other side, they knew how Schwarz worked. They probably wouldn't stop looking until the found bodies. However, it was possible they weren't spending a tremendous amount of energy on it. Both organizations were arrogant like that.

But at least Manx was starting to come around. She was the foot in the door that they needed if they were going to start poking around at Kritiker.

"A man by the name of Johnson is behind this." He said, pulling up in front of the Koneko again. He then reached out and grabbed Manx's hand. "Touch the gun and I'll kill you." He said before she could even move, then he took out a pen and wrote his phone number on her palm.

"That's my cell. If you feel like sharing information, we would appreciate it. Like I said, we aren't any happier about this than you. The faster we get this taken care of, the faster we can get out of each other's hair and go about our lives."

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"Maybe if they can prove useful. Right now they seem like a bunch of oversexed teenagers." Schuldig snorted, putting his pen away again. "We don't know much more about it, other than what it does. And that there are at least two copies. Probably more." He pressed the button to unlock the car doors.

"We won't be there. Aside from the fact that we don't want to, it might raise suspicion if we are there. Call me when they get tired of trying to get information out of them the normal way. Now get out and go talk to them. Tell them whatever you want."

He looked at her, waiting for her to leave. Vaguely, he wondered if a black eye would be in store for this little meeting. But... he just needed to meet her. Talk to her. See where Schwarz stood with them. If they were in good with Manx, Weiss would follow. Nagi might not be able to convince them to go, but he was sure as hell that Manx could.

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"Ditto." He said with a smirk, then suddenly looked up at the building, an amused look crossing his face briefly before he frowned.

How did these boys survive? It was really amazing to him sometimes. They had all of this information at their fingertips, and they were more worried about who fucked whom, who was going to fuck whom, and who wasn't fucking at all.

And Ken had gone batshit insane.

"Keep an eye on Siberian." He said before the door closed. "A very close eye. I would hate to lose such a valuable informant." He smirked at Manx. "Not to mention such a beautiful one."

He looked up one last time, easily finding Yohji's mind in the fray and wiping clean his memory of Brad and Schuldig's eventful evening together. He left most everything else, including the vision that led to his release, though he toned it down a bit, and made sure to add the memory of Schuldig wearing clothes.

It was for the best, Brad was right about that. Relationships were ammunition that they didn't need to have right now. They might be the "good guys" but they had no qualms about doing anything in their power to destroy the "bad guys."

"I'll contact you tonight." He said, looking back at Manx, then with a wave, drove off.

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[Schuldig exit to Friday 1.16 (http://community.livejournal.com/theblackcross/40468.html)]


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