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Omi sat in the mission room and stared blankly at his computer screen, his thoughts constantly cycling between guilt and fear. His team – his family – was imploding and it scared him beyond anything he could remember. He shook his head and tried to concentrate on the mission. Closing his eyes, he slapped his cheeks lightly and recited to himself…

Bombay… you are Bombay and you have a mission. You are Bombay.

Repeating the mantra over and over again for a few moments allowed him to focus and re-gain his concentration. He reviewed the mission parameters (as he knew them) in his head while his fingers flew over the keyboard, pulling up information on the theater. He had managed to find blueprints from the architectural firm that had built the structure but it didn’t help with the obstacles inside that could hamper his team from getting people to safety or allowing Weiss access to where they wanted to be. Bombay chewed his bottom lip. Normally, they had better intelligence for taking out whatever ‘dark beast’ needed to be dispatched but this time…

“Damn it!” Bombay muttered.

From what he knew, the disc needed to be played over speakers. He didn’t have a clue if some sort of special speaker system would be used or if they would be tapping into the speaker system already in place at the theater and a fairly good one at that. He assumed it could be the latter since they culprit had decided to make a ‘theater’ the place of his experiment. He could shut the power down from his laptop, but if there was a separate sound system being used, it became a much bigger problem.

Bombay sighed again. Maybe he was just making this more complicated and should just phone in a phony bomb scare or pull the fire alarm and have the theater evacuated. His team wasn’t running at full capacity as it was. Ran’s leg was not too bad but it would keep him grounded. No high-flying stunts for Abyssinian tonight. Yohji, well shit, he didn’t even know if Yohji could use his wire effectively and Ken… not only was his ankle bad but he had a possible concussion. Guilt once again twisted in Omi’s gut as his thoughts turned to Ken. Ken obviously had been backsliding for a long time but the outburst earlier today led to concerns that he also wouldn’t be following orders. If he went rogue…. Omi tried to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat.

Omi had always felt that Aya was their will and strength, Yohji their heart and Ken had always been hope to him. Ken’s love for soccer and sharing that joy by teaching kids to play, kept alive in Omi the thought that there would be a tomorrow past Weiss. He didn’t want to lose Ken. He was his friend and he would do anything - anything for all of them. He refused to lose any one of his teammates. No matter what it took, he was determined to keep them together and alive. But the shape they were all in now… that in and of itself made them accepting this mission complete and utter suicide.

Turning back to his computer, Bombay typed in a search and after reading for several moments made a decision. He couldn’t protect his team without more information. He could call Manx or Sato but neither seemed ready to be up front with him about the details of what was going on. He had a feeling that was a much deeper problem and needed time later to think a little more on that to try to piece things together, but for now, all that mattered was surviving the night and with them all in one piece. It was possible that Yohji and Ken knew more, since their outbursts earlier had kept them from being properly debriefed. He wasn’t sure Ken would talk to him so it had to be Yohji. Without a second thought, he pulled out his phone and composed a quick text and hit send. Knowing that Yohji would meet him in his room, he collected up some papers from the printer, grabbed up a couple more needed items, then closed and tucked his laptop under his arm. It would soon be time for them to leave and he was the first to admit that they were not ready.
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