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They had plenty of time to prepare. Schuldig had sorted out Nagi well enough. Dinner had satisfied his annoying appetite, at least for now. They had piled into the Mercedes in relative silence despite Schuldig and Farfarello's anticipation. They would arrive and be in place well before Weiss. It was just a precaution. This mission was easy enough. Simplistic even. Brad would have been confident enough in that assessment to have sent a sixteen year old Schuldig on this mission alone.
So why was he still tense?
Even though he had focused on Nagi, he knew the boy wasn't his concern. At least, not on the mission. No matter what may be bothering him personally, it was highly improbable that he would let it affect his performance on the job. Schuldig and Farfarello were a bit cooped up but that only suggested that they would make quick and efficient work of a job such as this. They'd get what they needed intelligence wise then take their time to play. As long as they cleaned up after themselves, that was of little concern as well.
Brad had to face the facts. His unease boiled down to one small insignificant issue. Weiss. More specifically, his vision of Weiss. He had no desire to evaluate that vision despite the constantly nagging urge to do so. He had already replayed Schuldig's incapacitation and his own death repeatedly. He was oddly at peace with those things despite the obvious emotion he felt from his future self. 
That was the problem. He shouldn't have 'felt' anything from a vision. Visions were nothing more than complicated picture shows. He still had a small sick pit in his stomach just entertaining the thoughts once again, phantom remnants of emotions he couldn't fathom being his own. He could justify the potential feelings in relation to Schuldig. At least that made some sort of sense. But Weiss? Or anyone else for that matter? At what point in his life would Brad let himself become so... weak?
With that thought, Brad frowned minutely to himself and took out his frustration on the accelerator.

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Nagi felt himself be pressed back into the seat as Crawford sped up. He stole a quick look to the side and saw Farf grinning maniacally. Not much was left of the man who'd asked if Nagi was alright when he came out for dinner and found Nagi in his usual seat, completely tense.

He could still feel the jumble of thoughts and emotions that had been so uselessly interfering all day - all week even - but they were in the background now, a nagging sense of chaos, worry and distress in the back of his mind, but nothing of consequence. The tention had all but dispersed from his body and his power was perfectly under control.

He briefly considered how they all changed faces once a mission came around but all in such different ways. Where Nagi finally managed to lock his emotions away, Farf let out the madness that was always trying to consume him. Where Crawford let go of a lot of his arrogance and confidence in his vision and made sure nothing could go wrong despite knowing it wouldn't, Schuldig suddenly trusted them, and Crawford most of all, to do as he expected them to do.

It was... Odd, in a way. It worked though, and there had yet to be a mission where they failed completely.

Content with the way things were for now, Nagi sat back as the accelerator was pressed in a little deeper yet.

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It was entirely too quiet in the car. Schuldig could feel the silence hanging in the air as he inspected his gun. He knew the thing was clean and ready to go, but it gave him something to do with his hands, and kept his mind quiet as he focused on the cool metal.

Well, as quiet as his mind tended to get.

He sighed after a bit, putting his gun back in his holster and leaning back into the seat again. He glanced at the backseat at Farfarello and Nagi, cocking an eyebrow at the boy and grinning before turning his attention to Brad.

He was surprised the man was up and about so soon. But, this was Brad, and for Brad, everything was mind over matter. He could probably lose a limb and not spend more than a few hours getting over it. He shook he head a bit, then turned and looked out the window.

"Are we there yet?" He said, pitching his voice to get that perfect childish whine of boredom.

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(OOC: JAJ! :D)

Nagi rolled his eyes at Schu's childishness. And they thought he was the one who was childlike. Must be the fucking thing for Crawford not to notice.

What? he asked as Schuldig threw him a look.

And of course Siberian was going to fuck things up. What was wrong with that guy anyway? There was no worry with that thought now. If Crawford said they would be fine, they would be, no questions asked.

"A vision?" he asked.


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