Mar. 14th, 2009

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Yohji’s suggestion for extended team quality time hardly elicited the enthusiastic response he’d hoped for. He met the flat non-reaction by bypassing Ran and Ken’s opportunity to object and volunteered himself for procuring some viewing material.

He was anxious to get out for a bit, anyway. He needed some sense of a return to normalcy after…the incident(s). Remaining the house-bound invalid was not the way to get there.

Although not a return to –too- much normalcy. Certain abnormal turns of events were very desirable….

Anyway, so he had announced that he would rent something and slipped out before anyone had a chance to tell him otherwise.

He really ought to have been completely on his guard as he walked towards the shop, all things considered. But Yohji was a little bit distracted rehashing in his mind Ken’s flippant commentary, Yohji Kudoh is a taken man….

It wasn’t a sentence he’d really expected to hear again in his lifetime.

He rather liked the sound of it.
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Ran ignored Yohji leaving with irritation. He hadn't waited for a response, which meant that Ran's time was already spoken for by unspoken agreement. Whether or not he would have.

And little things like this are why the others think you're an asshole. Obligations came with letting people into your life.

Something he already knew.

Aya-chan was away at school, Yohji was out. Ran leaned a hand on the counter and stared out the window. He considered going upstairs and practicing, then remembered his leg.

Maybe he would inventory their stock. Someone needed to do that.

Ran turned and realized with surprise that Ken hadn't left with Yohji.

"I just, well, he can barely stand me as is, so I don't do something dumb."

It hadn't been that long since their fight in the kitchen on Monday, though it felt as though it had been years. [OOC: LOL.] Everything Ken had said to him had echoed back to him with what he'd just said to Yohji.

Does Ken resent me so much? It was becoming apparent that even if he hadn't payed attention to much while his sister had been in her coma, the world around him, the people around him, had been affected by him despite that. The weight of that responsibility settled uncomfortably in his gut. Or had that been stress talking?

The mission and its aftermath had been like a dam breaking in the Koneko, for Ran. Despite the injuries and pain and countless mistakes, he had felt more grounded since that release.

He realized he had been staring at the brunette and unconsciously tightened his mouth out of annoyance at himself.


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